External Diesel Sound for a Small Layout

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by hminky, Aug 18, 2006.

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    I read the post at your link, very interresting. I think I was most curious as to how a guy modeling 1880s narrow gauge steam would have a use for diesel sound! Anyway, your method will work for a small layout, but I don't see it working like you want it to on a freemo module. As soon as you join up with other freemo modules into a layout, your diesel will leave the sound behind when it leaves the sound equipped module. I'm wondering if Athearn makes a dummy version of the gp40-2, and would you be able to fit the sound unit and suitable speakers into a dummy to have the sound follow the train?
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    I just need the sound on the Freemo module when it is home attached to the 1905 on30 layout.

    There is no why that realistic sound can be put into an HO locomotive. Having had sound since Onboard analog the smallest speaker to get realistic sound is at least 1-9/16" in diameter. I have a S scale SW-9 with a 28x40mm oval in it and it is still not a good enough sound to be realistic, it is sorta in the right direction.

    Just a thought
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    It is my understanding that an oval shaped speaker that averages the 1 9/16" diameter would have comparable sound to a round 1 9/16" speaker. How about a dedicated box car that stayed with the locomotive with an oval shaped speaker that was 1 1/4 wide x 2-2 1/4" long? Maybe I'm "flogging a dead horse" on this one, but I keep thinking there must be a solution!
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    Always follow your projects, Harold. While I don't do the projects themselves, there is almost always a detail that I can use.:thumb:

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