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  1. Gixergs

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    He use to go into the paper shop where my friend worked, my friend didn't think it would be right to ask for an autograph so he just hoped that Mr Cushing would pay by cheque..he didn't curses!. Can't say I blame you for taking a break from the domes look forward to seing the next stage. I found this.

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  2. Nothing

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    another good pic. theres not much texture to this it might be an easy one to do.
  3. greenelf1967

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    here's some pics to keep us in the mood this time of year......:wave:


  4. Nothing

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    lol! nice
  5. Nothing

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    got a good start on the next section.


    for those who are wondering i printed this out at 2 pages per sheet.its sitting at 5.5" right now.
  6. Gixergs

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    Ok so I got theses pics of the saucer by the hi tech method of playing the film on my pc then taking pictures with my digital camera not very good quality but might help you decide if you want to give it a go. Sorry to go on about it, childhood memories, blame the wall paper I had as a kid. Does the mid section of you Dalek rotate I seem to recall the new ones do, great build either way looking forward to the next update.

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  7. Nothing

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    great pictures. thanks. im having to many problems with the mesh to worry so much about making parts moveable.
  8. bill516

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    Would a copy of my Dalek be of any use to you. I've not done a beta build or instructions for it but if they will be of any use you can have them with pleasure. Mines alot smaller than yours about 1/12 scale if I remember. Just PM me and I'll send you the PDF's

  9. cygielski

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    Hey, how's the design going? It's been nearly a year and I've got a new Dalek fan in the house - my 9-year old has just discovered Doctor Who and has just put the eye stalks on one of the Ultimate Dalek Factory pieces, but yours looks WAAAAY better.
  10. Nothing

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    honestly i dont know. the mesh files i was using became corupted somehow. which means a lot of back tracking to get cought up to where i was. i still have the test build parts, just havnt found the motivation to rekindle that project yet.
  11. DHL

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    a dalek!!!!! great!!
  12. cygielski

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    That's a shame. Still, I hope you do get it finalized at some point, because there are a lot of fans out there, especially with the new series and all, and nothing to really play with, AFAIK. Could be a hit.
  13. DHL

    DHL Member

    hope there will be a supreme dalek version!!
  14. clif52

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    I'd love to see this one available too. Not enough Dr. Who models to build.
  15. peter taft

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    Nice job so far

    Very nice work my man... :thumb: The new breed of Daleks have individual names don't they? and i think the plate on the dalek mid-section is the equivalent to a barcode! not sure, but one could find out. I'm a big fan of Doctor Who {all decades} and the extra VaVaVoom they've given the last few series has brought this FANTASTIC si-fi drama back for a long long time. All the new merchandise and spin-off progs has made it a MUST WATCH show. I own several Dalek items and very nice too. Still a big kid inside but weathering a wee bit outside. You are doing great as my good friend Phil {Gixergs} as already said - If he says it's good then it must be. Can't wait for the next installment {shall i need to hide behind the settee?} Regards and Merry Christmas to you and all on here. Pete. :wave:
  16. DHL

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    Any dalek Crucible model?
  17. Vortex_4200

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    Good work there Nothing, I had been wanting to build a model of a Dalek but I was trying to figure out how to do the sensor globes on the "skirt" of the Dalek... Your angle on the design is a fantastic idea!!
  18. Jixton

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    Having built a full sized dalek, I can confirm that the most infuriating thing of the entire build was working on those hemi's around the skirt section, and that's when working on 4 inch hemi's.

    Working at the scale you are, I can imagine the same frustration multiplied, tenfold.
    Fairplay to putting up with making the four you did before using an alternative hemi source.
    I doubt I would have had as much patiance as you did.
    Keep up the great work. Dalek builds, whatever the scale, are always welcome in my books!

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