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Discussion in 'Model Rail Operations' started by TCH, May 9, 2007.

  1. TCH

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    recently purchased an express boxcar which i assume would be
    run with a passenger train.
    my question is ,would they ever be run in a normal freight ?
  2. MasonJar

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    Not usually. They are (often) equipped with high speed trucks - like the ones on passenger cars - so are not really "interchangeable" with any regular box car for a passenger run. I would suggest that they are treated more like passenger equipment than freight.

    Your best bet would be to ask doctorwayne, who is a bit of a head-end equipment expert...! ;) :D

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    Expert-schmexpert!! :roll: :-D
    Even though many express boxcars were equipped with high-speed trucks, and signal and steam lines, there's no reason why they couldn't appear in a freight train. The CNR had a number of express boxcars that were equipped with regular freight trucks, too, although I'm uncertain if these had steam and signal lines. It's my understanding that many express cars were also equipped with the Westinghouse UC brake system, which, I think, is a quicker-acting system than the normal AB type.
    Also, much "express" was lcl (less-than-carload) shipments, so it didn't necessarily have to move in an actual "express" car, and therefore, not necessarily even in a passenger train. This function would be similar to what UPS does nowadays. Don't forget, too, that express cars were interchanged just as were freight cars, which gives you a good excuse to run cars from roads that you don't actually model. There's a picture in one of Ian Wilson's books of a NYC smooth-sided baggage car in Park Head, Ontario, in service on a CNR branchline, so there's lots of room for "modeller's licence" on this.
    Here are a few express cars that I run on my free-lanced Grand Valley lines.





    I also have lots of home road express cars, as I enjoy building these types of cars.

  4. TCH

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    thanks fellas for the information.
    looks like I`ll have to start buying some passenger cars and make up a train :)

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