experimental american X-planes

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by DHL, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Thanks for the links:thumb::thumb:
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    All very nice links with one exception. The last one is a direct link to a file. I would like you to go back and modify that one to link to a download PAGE please. Hotlinking takes away from the wesite designer as he will not get the actual visitor - he just loses the bandwidth.

    Also if you would include a link to their homepages (or their main paper pages if pertinent) that is also good. Many people would otherwise just hit the free download and not visit the rest of the site. You can also do this instead of just linking to the download page. I can defintely understand linking directly to a download page when we know that 99% of our members dont know a language the site is in but when its english most people whould be able to navigate well enough to find the freebies.

    Make sense? I am not bashing you or anything, I just wanted to point out to all how we would like links presented in general (and we dont like to take away site traffic from those people that design!)
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    There's also 2 others X-20 models
    at:Downloads, but this time with the rockets include.
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    Good find! :thumb::thumb::thumb:

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