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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Agatheron, Jan 2, 2004.

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    Did you get the email I sent you through the email member deal?
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    Yes I did Tad... thanks... I had a bit of computer trouble so I couldn't respond to you directly. I checked out the detail on the running of traffic for the Canadian Pacific line that runs through London. Industry wise, it is similar to what Canadian National runs, although I imagine there are some differences...

    Doing something in BC appeals because there's also a greater potential for inter-railroad workings... BCRail (now owned by CN), CP Rail, but also direct connections to BNSF and other US railways in the lower mainland.

    The biggest thing for me is that while the auto industry would be great to model, I simply do not have the layout space to do it justice, and successfully operate autorack trains... :(
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    I just wanted to make sure it hadn't gone off into the ether.

    I also figured that some of the non auto stuff might be interesting for you if you were changing your focus. Maybe you could get together with Tony since he is right there in your neck of the woods. You might even be able to "visit." :cool:

    I know we talked about some of that space, length, and radius stuff over on the Railroad forum when you posted there. Since I model a shortline that had all 4 axle power, I don't have problems with the tighter radius. I don't run any cars over 65 ft in length. I found that my stuff does quite well on even the 9 3/4 radius curves. I did provide easements for all of my curves and I think that helps a lot.
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    Canadian Railroading,hmmm,short cars, hmmm

    Consider Ontario's Minnesota Border.CP,CN,DW&P,SOO
    Paper industry in the falls fort francis area is huge.Iron ore mines in thunder bay.Logging galore.Interchange with american roads using the DW&P as a bridge line.The potential is mind boggling.Look up the Ontario Northland RR in the index of old MR's.that layout will give you an idea what i am talking about.

    Also, the CP has trackage agreements with the BNSF for the mainline that runs west out of Duluth.:)
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    mmmmmmmmmmm loooogggggggggiiiiiinnnnngggggg :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Of course, if you shift to the coast, you can no longer pull any loco painted for any railroad out pf the GM plant.
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    True... but here's the rub... the locos that come out of the GM plant come out unpainted. At least as far as I've been able to observe. I don't think that they receive their paint job until they arrive at the respective destination...

    I'm not totally convinced on the BC thing... and could change my mind. I just spent a bit of time over Christmas in Vancouver...

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