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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Shlitz, Jan 3, 2005.

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    I have a one layer level now and am planning a second level.

    Can anyone give me their opinion on these two options for track leveling and height.

    Option 1. Run the second level parallel to the first level for the entire layout with a ramp between the two levels at 2.5%.


    Option 2. At one end of the layout build the second level with a slope in the main line that meets the first level and climbs back up on every loop.

    Basically what I'm looking for is someone who has built a slope in their second level main line that met their first level main line and climbed back up. If so, would you do it again or simply use an isolated ramp to get between the two levels? I'm concerned about the train having to climb a 2.5% grade slope for every loop of the second level main line.
  2. Helixes are popular, though they require a lot of maintenance, because you climb a sizable distance in a relatively small footprint.

    A 2.5% climb is not too bad. Just remember that you might need an extra engine to pull up that grade. Still, most good N-scale engines can haul 20-25 cars (less for switchers) up a 2.5% grade.
  3. Shlitz

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    Thanks for the info on the grade Screwysquirrel. I am trying to decide whether to have a grade in the mainline or keep the mainline level and use a ramp between my two levels. Do you have any experience with grades in your mainline?

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