Exceptional Ekranoplan footage

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by hpept, Aug 13, 2006.

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    Hey, thanks. Cool.

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    That was pretty neat.

    They drive that thing like it was a amphibious tank and bash it right onto land through small trees.
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    I don't know if you saw this so I'm posting it here. This is a 3 person ekranoplan with warp wings.


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  5. Hey Lizzie,
    i didn't know that Alaska was so close to the Kaspiansee!!
    Cheers Billy:grin:
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    There are only a few miles between Big and Little Diomede. Alaska was once Russian territory.

  7. :twisted: So this one came through the back door...
    Cheers Billy
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    That book must be interesting. Let me know once you have it in your hands if it worths the 25 bucks.
    By the way, I like your country. in the spring 2005 I was there working at ESA- ESTEC in Noordwijk for one month. I had time to go out and visit some nice towns: Scheveninghen, Leiden, Den Haag and Amsterdam. I think the only town i didn't visit was Rotterdam.
  9. Hello hpept
    I've got the book, and to me it's very interesting, it's the only book about ekranoplanes that I know off.Lots of pictures, 3 way views. Pictures of the craft running into trees in the video.. and a lot of information about this thing..
    Cheers Billy

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    Ekranoplan: Caspian Sea Monster

    Hi all Ekranoplan fans,

    In case you haven´t seen it already, here is a YouTube-link to a very enlightening 10-minute movie clip (in Russian) on the Caspian "Ekranaplan" sea monsters with lots of close-up details of the structure:

    Those are HUGE things! :shock:

    (PS. There is also an impressive movie clip on several Dornier Do-24s taking off in very high seas.)
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    Ekranoplan Book

    Hi Billy,

    That book seems very interesting - I´ve ordered one copy, too.
    With drawings and 3-way views, it shouldn´t be too difficult to make a simple card model. Thanks for the tip.

  12. Hello Bengt
    Great film, never seen it, thank you for the tip this time
    Cheers, Billy
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    Thanks Bengt,
    that's impressive. I wonder if there's something that russian scientists and engineer didn't experiment with, yet.
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    Ekranoplans and Other Monsters

    Hi hpept,

    Yes, it makes you wonder - there can´t be very much left that they didn´t experiment with (or copy). The space shuttle, the SuperSonic Transport, planes and many other flying things.
    They always seem to make their designs in the XL size, though - I once flew in a huge Russian helicopter in Tadzihkistan (on a climbing expedition) and it was enormous.

    Bengt :grin:
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    Ekranoplan Book

    hpept and Billy,

    I just got the book from Amazon - it´s a great book with many interesting photos and some fine drawings. The story of the development of the Russian WIG projects is interesting, too.
    One picture caught my eye; it´s where an Ekranoplan actually flies quite high and it says in the text that they can (could) if they encounter a large ship on the Caspian Sea. One can imagine the kind of crash that could lead to, with these enormous things racing over the water surface at 500 km/h . . .

    I wonder what it feels like to 'fly' in one of those flyboats?
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    Love that whole Russian Hip Hop thing


    Very cool. Do you know why the Russians never pursued this further. My understanding is that only one of the larger prototypes were built. Also why did we (Americans) not pursue this? When I watched the footage of the first Desert Storm and how it took 30 days to get armor to the region, it seems that this craft could have done that job in a fraction of the time.
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    Colossal Russian Aircraft

    Hi all,

    About 37 seconds into the Ekranoplan Caspian Sea Monster movie clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6HQSNERadQ&mode=related&search=
    there is an enormous-looking Russian 'jumbo jet' with six engines.
    What is that?


    I just had to find out - it´s the Antonov An-225 "Cossack", or "Mriya", currently the largest airplane in the world. It was developed from the Antonov-124 as a "piggy-back" carrier for the Russian space shuttle "Buran" in the late 80s.
    With a wing span of 290 feet, it´s just 30 feet 'narrower' than the Hughes´ HK-1/H-4 Hercules, or "Spruce Goose". Only one aircraft of this type has been built so far and as the "Buran" space shuttle is now obsolete, it seems to be used for international cargo transportation services.

    Compare the size of massive engines of this flying beast with the guy (and the bird) on the ground - one row of the seven twin-wheel landing gear systems can also be seen:


    Photos: http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search -write "An-225 Mriya" and click "search"
    Link to specs: http://www.globalaircraft.org/planes/an-225_cossack.pl#specs
    Link to 50 largest A/Cs in the world: http://www.globalaircraft.org/50_largest.htm

    A very impressive machine,
    Bengt :smile:
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    That is a monster of an aircraft. One was landing at an airport in this area a couple of years ago and I was planning a trip to see it. However, things developed and didn't get the opportunity. Sure wish I had though.

    I recall seeing a photo of a scratch-built one (out of cardstock) a while back. I was hoping it was a sign of a pending release of a model, but it didn't turn out that way.

    I have been sitting on a lot of information of the aircraft waiting for the day I can put newly developed skills to use and model the aircraft. But that too is an opportunity I haven't gotten to yet. Maybe someday someone will beat me to it. 8v)

  19. Bengt F

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    Info on Ekranoplanes

    hpept, Billy and all of you interested in the Russian Ekranoplanes,

    I found some more interesting resources on the history of Ekranoplanes. As depicted in the book "Russia´s Ekranoplans", it all pretty much comes down to the ingeneering genius of the hydrofoil designer and scientist Dr. Rostislav Evgenievich Alexeyev, (PhD in technical science) 1916 - 1980.

    Here´s a link to an overview of the history and development of (Alexeyev´s) Ekranoplanes:

    The largest of Alexeyev´s early ekranoplan designs for the Soviet Navy was the "Caspian Sea Monster" ("Korabl´Maket" or "Kaspinski Monstr"), measuring 98 meters in length and weighing 500 tonnes, capable of speeds of (and exceeding) 500 km/h (developed c:a 1965):
    followed by the 'striking', missile-carrying "Lun", 73 meters in length (developed and built after Alexejev´s death, c:a 1987):
    and the high-speed amphibious ekranoplan "Orlyonok", 58 meters in length (developeded by Alexeyev´s team c:a 1974):

    Some more info on the "Caspian Sea Monster": http://www.samolet.co.uk/km.html
    A link to an interesting model building page (Revell, 1:144 scale) of the amphibious "Orlyonok" A-90:

    Ekranoplan pictures - a link to 11 Google Ekranoplan picture pages:

    Would you like to have a look at the "Lun" and the "Orlyonok" today?
    Try Google Earth; write "Kaspiysk, Russia", zoom in and you will clearly see the big, eight-engined "Lun" on a dry dock in the harbour (on the shore-line west of the the town of Kaspiysk) and the "Orlyonok" at the 'seaport' airfield further west (at the southern end of the runway), positioned exactly as in the video clips.
    On the other side of the runway nearer to the shore-line, a smaller Ekranoplan is either being dismantled or assembled - you can clearly see the two wings and the stabilizer layed out on the ground. Along the shore-line west of the "Orlyonok", you can also make out two large and five smaller hovercrafts - aim for three big circles on the runway tarmac.
    Amazing thing, Google Earth . . .

    Bengt :grin:

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