Evil Devil Hot Rod

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  1. Screaming out of Hell's parking garage comes the Evil Devil hot rod! Be afraid...be very afraid. Ever since I saw this cool car in the recent "Pycho Billy freakout hot rod !!" thread authored by allhallowseve, I knew I had to start cuttin' and gluin', so I visited http://www.domatine.com/ and downloaded the files. I was having so much fun I even put my build of Nobi's A7V/U tank off for a few days so I could work on the hot rod.

    If the pictures of my finished model inspires anyone else to take the Devil on, I can tell you that you are in for a treat. It's a very well designed little kit, and goes together easily. I built the car pretty much stock, with only a few minor modifications: with a marker, I blacked out a section of Part 1 (the frame) near where the engine sits to give it more of a "chassis" look. I backed the underside of the top of Part 1 with a piece of 1mm card to make it stiffer for attaching the body and engine. I wanted my tires to be rounder than the design method called for, so I cut the glue tabs off the tire treads, and glued the sidewall pieces to 1mm card. When I cut the sidewalls out, I made them flat on the bottom to give the car the appearance of weight, and then I attached the treads, using the 1mm thickness of the sidewalls as a gluing surface.

    3/4 front view


    3/4 rear view


    I generally mount my card models to paper bases to finish them off, and this one would be no exception. The whole hell/devil theme was pretty much predetermined by the car, so I started from there. I printed out a stone texture that has a red glow at one end, laminated it to mat board, and glued it at a pretty steep angle to a swoopy center support made of black mat board. Since it will be seen, I sprayed the underside of the base flat black My original thought was to position the car so it was heading "downtown", but it just didn't work. It looked much better to have the purple-red car coming up out of the red glow. I thought a directional road sign was called for too, but hell is a pretty short word, and hades isn't much longer. I finally decided on "Lake of Eternal Fire". Sounds a bit like a vacation destination, doesn't it (except for that fire part). I sized a wood texure and my daughter, who is a whiz at photo shop, did the lettering with input from me. I used a strip of bass wood for the sign post. I consider wood to be "pre paper" so in my paper model mind, I stayed pure :) . I hope you enjoy the pics

    overall view showing elevation


    overhead view


    on base from the front


    on base from the rear


    detail shot of sign


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    Don, your version is much nicer than mine, I printed the car on 11x17, just to be a bit bigger

    I was running in to fit problems, maybe my scoring
    maybe i should have printed it on letter size.

    it was a fun build, always wanted a rat rod in my collection

  3. MOS95B

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    That looks sweet!! I am so glad I downloaded it now....

    I may attempt a slight re-paint on mine though, just to be different.

    Nice build!!!
  4. Thanks Rick. I think small design issues become bigger issues as the image size increases. The only fit problem I came up against is that there wasn't enough room between the radiator and the firewall to fit the engine in. Luckily, I found the problem while dry fitting, so it wwasn't really a problem for me. I just mounted the body about 1mm rearward - no biggie. I can see how scoring the body could be problem. The way I avoided misscoring was this: I laid an edge of a scrap piece of card alongside a known score location, then made a pencil park on the scrap card at the next v-notch in the part's glue tab. I then used the scrap card as a ruler to determine where to score on the matching body part. Worked like a charm.

  5. 72BMWR75/5

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    pretty cool

    That one joins the stack.
  6. Stev0

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    awesome ... nice display too!
  7. Thanks guys, I always try to do a little something extra with a display base. The only problem is that I can't take the model off to play with it. :) Turns out Evil Devil is an Italian Psycho Billy band (whatever that is). The band's myspace web address is on the assembly page. When you visit, there are several mpegs for your listening pleasure as well as pics and other info about the band. It's gotta be the first band to use a paper model to advertise themselves. Hopefully it'll start a trend.
  8. 72BMWR75/5

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    psycho billy

    Cool. I really enjoy psycho billy. Sort of punk meets rockabilly. There was a band in Austin called The Flametrick Subs. They broke up recently, darn it. Great pscho billy band. They did a version of 'Little Red Riding Hood' that was simply amazing. The bass player, 'Stumpy,' played a stand up bass. They called him Stumpy because he lost his left hand just above the wrist. You haven't lived until you've seen a one handed stand up bass player jam in a psycho billy band.
  9. I listened to the Mpegs on their site Bruce, but i didn't know quite how to characterise the music. They definitely look punk, but the sound was much softer. Actually, I'm a big punk fan, which is kind of weird considering my age - mid 50s. I'm a big fan of Rancid, The Distillers, Oxymoron, Drop Kick Murphys, Anti Flag, Capdown, The Code, Targetpoint, et al. I've even seen a number of these bands in concert, although I stay out of the mosh pit - afraid my old bones'll break :) A one armed stand up base player - incredible! The only standup base I've ever seen in a punk band is Tiger Army. Mohawks and stand up bases is a weird looking combination. Now a one armed card modeler, that would really be something!


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