Eve Online spaceship models?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by cgutzmer, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. the4ce

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    Well I know one more, my Hawk! ;)

    I don't think there is eve-online plastic models only paper models.
  2. jaffro

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    The thing with plastic models is that they cost money to make, meaning they are then sold, at a profit to the maker, that's when copyright infringement comes into it, so more often than not they will only be sold by the holder of the copyright / merchandise rights etc, which of course drives up the cost, and the price to us, the buyers.

    And that's why a lot of us turned to card models in the first place.

    Hooray for trees... ?
  3. astrospud

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    From what I understand, it costs about 2 million dollars for tool manufacturing to start up any degree of mass produced plastic model kits. Garage Kits and small run resin models are cheaper but it would take CCP (publisher) to grant the production rights, and that in itself might be prohibativly expensive for the experienced garage modeller.
  4. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Exactly... but as far as free card models go, they don't seem to have a problem with it at all, otherwise those threads would have been nerfed long before the cruise missiles and torpedoes were :D
  5. astrospud

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    Onoze! Just when I am about to train Cruise Missiles III!!!:eek:
  6. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    i'm talking about the "nerf of long ago" You used to be able to hit a ship with a torp or cruise missile and it would take out everything within a couple of km of the ship you hit... that "feature" is long gone... :D
  7. the4ce

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    I have a question astrospud: What ship is this?

    I can't find it on Eve Online Ships

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  8. astrospud

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    That's a Concord (police) ship. NPC only, I don't think players can fly it.
  9. the4ce

    the4ce Member

  10. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    The front end of that ship looks like the barrel of a gun... it's usually the first thing that turns up if you do something wrong in empire space but you'll be toast before you even know it's there... yes, speaking from first hand experience :D
  11. astrospud

    astrospud Member

    Has anyone had a chance to extract any ships using Triexporter? Even with the new Patch "Empyrean age", my app keeps crashing to desktop when I try to extract all but one of ORE ships, namely the Hulk. If anyone has had more luck than I, can you please let me know, because that's the one ship (Hulk) I really want to build.
  12. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Sorry, haven't downloaded that expansion, and I'm in no hurry to reactivate my eve account... I'd be interested in a model of the Hulk though if you can get the problems worked out, it would make a good birthday present for a friend of mine who used to fly one.
  13. astrospud

    astrospud Member

    I'll have a crack at the development, since that's the model I wanted to do from the get go. I just need the obj/3DS and the DDS from the DX9 folder.

    Jaffro, all you need to work on the models is the game installer, so you don't need to reactive your account.

    Might be something to do with the animations for the ore grinders and furnaces.
    I can see no real way I can improve the Triexporter crash issues.

    Perhaps The4ce or pupumonkey could have a go at extracting the models?? If your application crashes as well, then I'll know it's a unversal problem.
    BTW, I can extract to old graphics of the Hulk, if that's the one you want, but I'm after the premium content models, as I really think it's a vast improvement on the original and being more rectangular than the original hulk, it would also make for an easier development.

    New, premium graphics version: Link

    Original graphics: Link
  14. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    I know I don't need to reactivate the account, but I have no intention of downloading 4+ gig of game content (that's what the new expansion seemed to be last time i looked) for the sake of a few card models. Australia is an internet backwater, we have no such thing as decent "true unlimited" broadband, and in the area I live in the only available broadband is way overpriced and not much value for money (try 15 gig monthly download limit for $55 per month). :(
  15. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    I will try to extract one, but I need to install Trinity. It will work with Empyrean Age to or only Trinity?
  16. astrospud

    astrospud Member

    If you already have trinity, it will work. Works also with Emp age, as I have extracted models since the patch release.

    :oops: Jaffro, I apologise if I came across condescending. Not offence intended. I'm just mad keen to have a shot at my favorite model. As I have a 12 Gb limit for $69 monthly, I thought it would be ample, but it all depends on usage, I suppose.
  17. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    No offense taken... :thumb:

    I spose 15 gig a month isn't too restricting, but we just got shafted by the ISP and have been downgraded from 60GB per month to 15 for the same price... it kinda feels like all the freedom has gone although we rarely used all that up. I download a lot of game demos and game/movie trailers... which can be quite large these days with all the new HD stuff etc.
  18. pupumonkey

    pupumonkey Member

    I am starting to get the hang of the extracting process, but my texture mapping kung fu is still a little weak.

    Tell me what ships you are looking for and if nothing else I can get you started on an extracted model in Pepakura.

    Honestly the process isn't quite as complicated as it seems:

    From Tri Exporter:
    1. Download and install Triexporter
    2. Install Eve (you don't have to activate the account as all the models are stored locally)
    3. Point Triexporter at the Eve folder
    4. Open the ship model you want.
    5. Find the corresponding texture file and click on it until you get errors
    6. Select export and export the model as a .3ds
    7. Select Unpack and unpack the texture (dds format) into whatever folder you want

    Using your favorite 3D application, import the exported 3ds model (I use Blender)

    8. In your 3D application, flip all texture mapping on it's Y axis. This should align things for you automatically
    9. Convert your .dds file to .jpg (There are a billion Photoshop addons that will do this)
    10. Export from (Blender) to a .obj Wavefront model and save it (OBJ has worked for me. Am open to any better formats for Pep)

    In Pepakura:
    11. Import the model
    12. Unfold and spend the next 8 hours figuring out the best way to set up flaps.

    Print and assemble.

    Have a beer, you deserve it.

    Hope that helps. It's what I do, although I have yet to assemble any of the models I have unfolded. I plan to get going on one of them after I am done making an Apocalypse.

    Anyone has some good edits for these steps I'd love to hear about better formats to export to etc.
  19. astrospud

    astrospud Member

    Nice rundown of the process, pupumonkey :)
    In terms of the UV coordinates, flipping the DDS map in the vertical axis is another way of doing it. Applying the texture maps in Pepakura after they've been vertically flipped should have the same outcome.
    As far as the unfolding is concerened, I'm chomping on the bit to have a go (still on Holidays atm). I think the key to successful unfold (guessing here, actally :)) is to split the model in Meta into several objects, and unfolding each piece. It would be especially important for the Gallente models, as they are quite "lumpy"...
  20. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    I don't know if its a good ideea to split the model into several parts only if you import all the objects at the same time.

    Thanks for the tutorial pupumonkey!
    I should try to download Eve this week.

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