Eve Online spaceship models?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by cgutzmer, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Nope just had another look.. doesn't seem to be any mention about trial memberships.. you can read through the forums but that's about all without coughing up $. Shame they looked like nice builds.....mmmm.. some interesting reading though.. Clearly most of the Eve fans had never heard of card models before those ones were developed/posted. :cool:

    Oh well... maybe we'll see them here eventually, someone (that's allowed to speak..EVE) get the guy to come over for a visit..
  2. DFox

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    Is anyone willing to teach me how to extract the model to open it up in 3ds max? I am looking to make some wallpapers of my favorite ship's :D I don't know if these are the models you are talking about, I see some talk of both the 3D and actual model's in this thread :p
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    That's very possible... I learnt how to extract eve ship models by reading a tutorial on using eve ship models to make funky 3D looking forum sigs... so umm, yeah...

    The tutorial itself is on the eve online forums, just had a quick look and couldn't find it, but basically all you need is TriExporter available somewhere on the forums, you use that to extract your models and textures, then you may or may not need some kind of conversion tool to convert to a format 3DS max will open. (unless 3DS can open .obj in which case you're good to go).

    Digging a bit deeper... I just found this:

    The New Eden Library :: Forum Signatures and EVE Ship Models

    You can get TriExporter here:

    EVE Online | EVE Insider | Forums

    That should be all you need to get started.
  4. DFox

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    3DS Max 2008 cannot open either the .obj or the .3ds :( Do you know of any conversion tool's off hand?
  5. jaffro

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    There's one called Deep Exploration which is for sale, I'm not sure how far you can get with the trial version, otherwise someone with more knowledge in that field might be able to help. I'm not a 3D guru... not even a gnome. :D

    Edit: Deep Exploration should be fully functional for the 30 day trial period.
  6. FlareBaffled

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    3D Guru reporting in sign1

    Max won't import a 3DS file? That's really odd.... it should!

    As far as .obj files go, there has always been a freee plugin acvailable to import them for other versions of Max. I have used both formats a lot on Max 7.

    Do a search for plugins for Max, and you should find what you need to import both formats.

    Sites like THIS: MAX Plugins.de - the plugin database for 3ds Max

    have an OBJ importer for Max 2008 ( don't know if you have 32bit or 64 bit version...but they have plugins for both )

    Make sure you are using Max's IMPORT function, rather than trying to just open the files.

    edit: Just checked the specs for Max 2008, and it definitely has native support for 3DS through the import option.
  7. DFox

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    yeah I forgot about the file > import so I can get the model in, I apply smooth groups etc but its the old ship model + skins and not the ones from trinity :(
  8. the4ce

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    The ones from trinity is in other format. You will need Granny Viewer for this(I haven't tryed Granny Viewer so I don't know what is the results).
  9. astrospud

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    G'day folk.
    the4ce, nicely done on the Hawk! I fly Gallente boats, myself, but as it was mentioned, the Caldari are sqare and easier to model.
    With respect to models of a relatively straightforward build, how about ORE Barges and Exhumers? I'm still playing this timesink of a game and am playing the miner/prospector role. I would love to build a Hulk! Any chance you can add that to the list?

    Also, I have tried Granny view, and while it works at opening the DX9 models from Trinity, it does have a problem (or maybe I do) with the textures. My version of Granny collapses after about 1 minutes worth of viewing time. Since I have the crashing problem, I haven't had a chance to see if the models can be extracted to 3DS. Is that an option for the viewer? Not sure if you need to buy the SDK to extract the models...
  10. the4ce

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    Thanks :)
    Well maybe I will try to build a Hulk but now I am having a hard time finishing this model.

    I don't know what is the problem with Granny Viewer because I haven't installed it. :(
  11. astrospud

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    Made some progress with Trinity...

    OK 4ce, your modelling has inspired me to have a go at converting.
    Below are a series of models I have extracted from the game using TriExporter 0.4.1Beta2. The Granny2.dll in the program allows for extraction of the Trinity models and their corresponding DDS textures.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    From left to right they are: Gallente Tristan (Frigate), NPC Pirate, Caldari Rohk BS (spelling?), Amarr Prophecy BC, Amarr Frigate (don't know the name), Amarr Cruiser (don't know the name of this one either), and the Amarr Abaddon BS.

    I had a go at an unfold pattern with the NPC Pirate ship:


    It ended up quite ugly! So I will be persevering with this one. The others are a tad beyond my total lack of experience.
    All of these models are PDO'ed and ready to cut, so if there is anyone willing to have a go, just send me a PM and I'll gladly send it across :)
    Wish me luck - I have a feeling I'm gonna need it :eek:.


    Another added to the collection: Gallente Megathron BS


    Sorry! I can't help myself! :p
  12. astrospud

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    Sory I haven't posted in the last few days - been too busy with real life stuff. I would definitely like to get started on designing a development, but I need to sort out the mesh complexities first. This part could take a while, as I have never really used Metaseqoia before....
  13. the4ce

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    Try Google SketchUp :) its easy to use.
    So what program did you use to extrect the textures from Trinity? I haven't seen TriExporter 0.4.1Beta2 only TriExporter Its the same program?:confused:
  14. astrospud

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    I can't remember where I found it (I think maybe on the Eve-Online website, but can't be sure), so I have attached it here. It has Granny2.dll included, so the models are viewable in the app. Just go to the DX9 directory once you've unstuffed it.

    Attached Files:

  15. the4ce

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    Many thanks astrospud!:thumb:

    So what ship/station you want to build? :)
  16. astrospud

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    No probs. Glad I could contribute :)
    The ship I most want to build is the Hulk - The ORE Exhumer. It should be a straightforward build, but the model itselfkeeps causing TriExporter to crash. Actually, all the ORE ships, Except the Roqual crash my application. If you think the X3 Ship you are doing is an exercise in madness (outstanding progress, by the way) the Roqual is insanity in it's object form. I'll see if I can get a screencap of it at some stage soon

    BTW, I'm in the process of building the card model of the Amarr Apocalypse, as developed by Smiffa.

    EDIT: As promised, here is a pic of the Roqual Capital industrial ship...


    Would the Moderators object if I upload ZIP files of some of these above models? Maybe some more accomplished modellers would like to have a crack at building them...
  17. astrospud

    astrospud Member

    Speaking of madness, I have come to the conclusion I am not yet a designer.
    These meshes are just too complex for me to nut out. :cry:

    I can prep the models as per previous post, but I am stumped on the development side.

    If anyone has the time and patience to develop any of the above models (or any others from the game) please let me know and I will up load.

    Thanks :wave:
  18. the4ce

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    Sad to read this :( I hope that in one day you will try to build one of the models.
  19. Hot4Darmat

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    That Capital Ore/Industrial ship is amazing. What a fantastic look (I like the ugly industrial looking ones for some reason). I may take a crack at that once the Outland Shuttle is done.

    Just a suggestion for such complex meshes like that one for other beginners (I am one, too): instead of trying to work with the incredibly complex mesh provided, it might be worth just using different angled images to design one from scratch using Metasequoia or some other basic 3D design software. I know it seems clunky to start from square 1 but after all the time spent trying to sort out the complexities of a mesh that was never made to be a paper model, you can save time by redoing the whole thing with pure paper modeling in mind the whole time.

    The industrial ship in post #75 would be a good example...it could be redone without too much time (lots of repeated parts there) to make it into a very satisfactory paper model while ditching some of the extra stuff that make it a nightmare to unfold and set up as a paper model. Just a thought.
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