Eve Online spaceship models?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by cgutzmer, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Thank you! But there are so many!

    Erebus, Executioner, Crucifier, Magnate, Punisher, Armageddon, damnation, sacrilege, prorator , carrier aeon, providence, titan avata, drake, osprey, condor, merlin, ibis, harpy, hawk, buzzard, brutix, myrmidon, hyperion, megathron, tristan, shuttle, ishkur, astarte, carrier nyx, nidhoggur, ragnarok, macarie, customs general, customs patroller and http://www.eveonlineships.com/eve-o...FeGVGaWxlXzIwMDgtMDgtMDJfMTYtMjAtMDEtNjcuanBn

    Lord forgive me for greed! All - this is possible!? :)
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    Def gonna have to agree with Cubajeck on that one.
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    Big thank's
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    Hi, I am a miner in the game, and an trying to get my hands on the Mackinaw and Orca. I work with Lightwave 3d. (LWO, OBJ, 3ds) The problem I am having is I can't get triexporter to work at all :( Any help in this area would be awesome... I found a plugin for LW that says it will import tri files directly, but I cant get to them to try it...

    Thanks, DELTA

    attached is a real quick version of the Hurricane posted above.

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    Nice render.

    What happens when you try to open triexporter? Error mesage? I think this question is better for the triexporter topic on the Eve forums.
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    Not to get too nit-picky, but that is actually a Hel. It's a Minmatar Mothership.

    //slinks back to his Eve corner

  9. DELTA

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    Thanks, they were very quickly set up in lightwave...

    It Crashes every time... I have the Crapsta OS on my computer so I am not suprised...

    Lol, Nit pick away, I am relativly new to the game and just came back from an extended LOA, and am not all that familure with the ships... I am just a poor Gallente miner tryin to stay out of the way...

    I think most of the ships look awsome, and just wanted to set up some wallpappers using them with Lightwave.
  10. pupumonkey

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    The only major issues I have run into with triexporter crashes has been with specific models that have too many built in animations. All strip miners and exhumer class ships crash for me. I am assuming the multiple animations is the cause. Thrashers also crash the program for me as well, so you are not alone there.

    If you accidentally pointed the application at a different folder than your Eve folder you might be screwed. I had this happen once and the only way I was able to correct it was to get an earlier version of Triexporter and use that to point to the correct folder. That seemed to fix the problem.

    It has to be pointing to the C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE folder. Not the res folder inside of it.

    Good luck!:wave:
  11. DELTA

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    I will dbl check that... Thanks
  12. DELTA

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    No luck... won't boot at all...
  13. DELTA

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    Can someone port these ships to 3ds for me? I do have a Tri plugin for Lightwave but have not been able to test it. :(

    Iteron V

    I would but I can't get Tri Exporter to work at all...

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    These look amazing guys! Eve online FTW
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    Have someone said... Caracal?

    I would give you my eternal gratitude for that...
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    Hey, i'm having trouble with the tri-exporter. For some reason it crashes when i try to view the Gallente Mothership and Dreadnought. Could someone help me? If you can't, could someone maybe make these models and their textures in obj format before i get a serious headache wall1 ?
  17. PuhL

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    Is there any progress with Caldari Raven?
  18. Grimsteruk

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    I'd kill to see a Tristan model built. The Concord Captain looks cool too.
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    when i get home ill DL eve and snatch all the models. i havent unfolded an object in a long time but i love eve and i think there some of the best models around and id like to see more.

    im unsure how to start. the brutix, the megathron, the Nightmare, Punisher, or the Incursus.

    personaly i like the brutix. what do you all think?
  20. DarkAntzMK-II

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    try as i might..ivd downloaded maby 4 versions of the triexporter and every single one crashes on startup. i cant find a fix or anything. any ideas?

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