Eve Online spaceship models?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by cgutzmer, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. armorbimbo

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    No offence but he is just exporting the model to pepakura. If you look at the plans there are lots of random pieces/faces. I imagine that these can't actually be built as they don't appear to have been 'fixed' for building.
  2. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Someone could try to build one, some, or all of them and figure out the deficiencies. Someone using pepakura designer could probably tweek them before a trial build!?!
  3. luciencarroll

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    good build or not its a heck of a nice step in the right direction. good work man.
  4. Paladin

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    Yes, I agree. I have built models others have produced using pepakura, and sometimes there are too many details, or details that were not needed to build the final model. The easiest way for me is to build it, and figure out where parts can be moved from one area to another, or altogether eliminated, and still come up with an easy to build model. I was working on an Akira class starship and when I finished, Zoshou had just published his, and it looks nicer.
  5. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    I love the Rohk, but I can't build it :( I tried to fix it up, I probably won't continue though...

  6. jonnyraj

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    Nice models.Look forward to see more models.Thanks for sharing.
  7. cgutzmer

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  8. the4ce

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    Thank you again, but there is a little problem...you posted the rong link. :)

    Anyway, here it is:

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  9. pticu

    pticu New Member

    captain isnt my project :]

    any1 do some model by my projects? any photos? problems?

    ps. sorry, my english isnt very vell.
  10. pupumonkey

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    I wasn't going to say anything, but yeah.

    Soaring, don't give up on that Rokh. I've unfolded that model in pep and it is horribly detailed. Try upping the scale until you are looking at maybe 90cm in length and see if that makes it easier to clean up. I feel your pain.

    I am finishing up a Kestrel at hom right now. Probably going to make a Maelstrom afterwards, but I need to get ahold of the ship in game. Unfortunately, I don't really play enough to earn the money to buy one.

    Anyone still play EvE that has a Maelstrom they could lend me or just let me take screencaps of?
  11. pticu

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  12. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    Nice model. :) The size if good, but the unfolding of the model isn't so good. :(

    You should try to make the model more easy to assemble...let me show you an example:

    Instead of making the model like this:


    You should try to make it like this:


    Also change the flaps of the model...you can change them at Configuration -> Flap Configuration and after change some of them manually by using the Edit Flaps tool. (ctrl + f to use it)

    Look at this too: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/productinfo/func2.html (there are 7 pages) :)
  13. pticu

    pticu New Member

    ok, ill try to reedit unfolding...
  14. pupumonkey

    pupumonkey Member

    I just uploaded a Kestrel to the moderation folder. It should be available here pretty soon. Might give you some more ideas on what The4ce is talking about.

    I am 90% done building the actual model. Should have images up this week sometime.

    I highly recommend actually building your kits once you unfold them. This gives you a much better idea of how easy (or not) they will be for other people to attempt.
  15. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    available now:) thanks!
  16. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    WOW! IT'S HUGE!!! :mrgreen:

    Why not hollow those pieces?

    I can't wait to see how it looks. :mrgreen:
  17. pupumonkey

    pupumonkey Member

    I made a note to not hollow some of the pieces because it is easier to make them one big chunk than to try and score the flaps with them so thin. For the "neck" of the ship, this is important because you don't actually NEED to hollow them out and you will get a better structural integrity if you leave it intact.

    And yeah... it's pretty big... In pieces right now while I finish page 33.

    So close.... wall1
  18. pticu

    pticu New Member

    nah... i use cf6 model :]
  19. pticu

    pticu New Member

    hmmm, why ur texture are blue, i export cf6shape, and they have brown texture...:confused:
  20. pupumonkey

    pupumonkey Member

    I am using the g2 models. You have to do some level adjusting in photoshop to make them look more like the game.

    I also adjust the alpha image so that the lights look more natural.

    Here is an example of what I try to aim for.

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