Eve Online: Gallente Vexor

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by pupumonkey, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. pupumonkey

    pupumonkey Member

    Just finished a Gallente Vexor from Eve Online.

    I'll have the model uploaded shortly.


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  2. Nexus9

    Nexus9 Member

  3. luciencarroll

    luciencarroll Grand Poobah

    thats amazing
    nice job
    please explain your prosses for building
    paper type, did you spray it, stuff like that
    again really nice job
  4. pupumonkey

    pupumonkey Member

    1. Get Tri Exporter and use it to extract the model and texture from eve
    2. Flip the texture vertically
    3. Use Blender to export the file to .obj format
    4. Unfold in Pepakura and print on card stock
    5. Assemble.
    6. Finish with a clear plaster glaze to get the sheen

    The base is just plexi that I had custom cut for the base

    SEBRET Member

    Thats extremely shiny. Very cool
  6. Mifune73

    Mifune73 Member

    Ooooh, a sparkly!
  7. bf109

    bf109 Member

    Can´t wait to see it in the download section
  8. luciencarroll

    luciencarroll Grand Poobah

    do u have any build pic's
    and that sheen gives it almost an organic look, again simply fabulous
  9. pupumonkey

    pupumonkey Member

    I don't usually do build pics, sorry. I am horribly insecure about how the models look until they are finished. :oops:
  10. Millenniumfalsehood

    Millenniumfalsehood Active Member

    I just love how EVE ships look so butt-ugly and gothic! And I mean butt-ugly in a good, A-10 Warthog kid of way. :thumb:
  11. pticu

    pticu New Member

    looks like shader 3.0 :]
    very nice, my kestrel still in progress :]
    did u add blue dots again :)
  12. the4ce

    the4ce Member

    When it will be ready for download?
  13. Jones Brandon

    Jones Brandon Member

    Good lord man that's cool an i do mean cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Svevlad

    Svevlad New Member

    Just one question

    People please!
    I searched the whole net for triexporter but all links are dead...
    If you would send it to me via mail or something i would be very grateful
  15. pupumonkey

    pupumonkey Member

    I just uploaded the latest into the Tools directory. Awaiting the mods to approve it.
  16. Svevlad

    Svevlad New Member

    ummm...not sure the link is right

    I think that spilling a motor oil on eve account wont give me the models i need :)
    I think the link is wrong
  17. luciencarroll

    luciencarroll Grand Poobah

    i got it just fine yesterday(about 8 hours ago)
    this is such a sweet model

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