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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by -Jim G, Dec 6, 2006.

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    John is exhibiting a knack for understatement. There are nearly 30 versions of the beaver model that are already done and more coming :) DeWayne has only released one so far, but we are all hoping his recovery is speedy.

    -Jim G
  2. -Jim G

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    two new beavers on their way...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Still evangelizing the models, both of these models are being sent to the owners of the real planes. N5220G is going to San Francisco Seaplanes in Sausalito CA and 0-16555 is going to the the Heritage Flight Museum in Bellingham WA.

    Next I will build a model for David's exhibit at the EAA Museum

    -Jim G
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    Longer than that, actually. The first commercially printed paper models appeared in Europe in about 1820. The first ones were towns and historical scenes, and of course toy soldiers.

    Another selling point for paper modeling: It's a "green" hobby. No petrochemicals (well, a lot fewer than plastic anyway), easily recycled, and can use recycled materials.

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    Im trying to get a friend to build paper models. He's addicted to plastic and it's just not healthy for him.

  5. -Jim G

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    Beavers in Space

    Back to spreading the word on paper modeling; I sent a built model to the Heritage Flight Museum. The real airplane can be seen at this private museum.

    I am pretty excited now because the owner of this plane was part of the Apollo 8 flight crew.

    The Heritage Flight Museum in Bellingham, WA will now be distributing paper copies of this model:thumb: Heritage Flight Museum

    -Jim G
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    In all my 76 years I've done just about every kind of modeling...I keep coming back to paper for the sheer low-key pleasure of building with beautifully printed subjects. My favorite was the Hindenburg complete with interior. Built it and the Graf 10 years ago and they still hold a place of honor in my shop. I'm building a JU52 now and waiting for a Norge airship to arrive in the mail. Would like to be in touch with fellow card modelers. Please feel free to email.

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