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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by -Jim G, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. -Jim G

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    In trying to get the word out and to spread the paper modeling addiction, I contacted the webmaster (Neil Aird) at:
    This is a great site featuring pictures of most of the DeHavilland Beavers that were ever built.

    Neil has featured the paper model 'Santa Beaver' on the cover page of his site and he put a link to DeWayne's free download of that model. Neil has also posted some nice pics of an Army beaver version that will be published in the near future:

    I hope to suck more people into this hobby by getting the word out in this way.

    -Jim G
  2. Texman

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    Preach on! Wherever you can!
  3. paper warrior

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    The funny thing is is that paper/cardmodeling has been around for about 100 years now, but there are so few cardmodelers. Anyway, get as many people interested as possible, I've converted two so far.
  4. hpept

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    That's it. Paper modelling can be described as an "ancient" way to make models. It was up well before than plastic was even invented. Thanks to the internet it took back its place in the modeling world, as lots of people are approaching this form of modeling thanks to a lot of artists who put their masterpieces available for free (or for a small fee, compared to other types of modeling).
    God bless the internet and paper models. Amen.
  5. paper warrior

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    Maybe someone in the states can follow in your (hpept)'s footsteps and get on tv talking about paper/cardmodeling.
  6. milenio3

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    Here is Roberto (hpept)'s approach on his interview on Brazilian TV (http://www.cardmodels.net/forum/showthread.php?t=5709&highlight=youtube).

    Other way is to go to your local museum and talk to the directors to let you put some on display, along with information (brochures, cards, etc). I have models in 1 museum, next month will be 2 museums (in 2 nations :twisted: ).
  7. paper warrior

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    Darn, there aren't any meusems in lhc,I can still bug the airport though.:D
  8. -Jim G

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    Beaver's Birthday!

    The De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver is 60 years old (first flown in 1947)! The Toronto Aerospace Museum (TAM) is located in the building that was the factory that produced the Beavers.

    The TAM is going to have a festival in late May to commemorate the birthday of the Beaver. At the request of the TAM, I have produced a version of my Beaver model to benefit the museum (CF-OBS). For details of the festival go to: Toronto Aerospace Museum -

    This model will also be available at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre (CBHC) in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre. CF-OBS is on permanent display in Sault Ste. Marie and the staff at the CBHC were very helpful in the creation of this version.

    -Jim G

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  9. sakrison

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    What a great idea! There is a fan site or fan group for just about any airplane you can name. Sending model photos to those sites can help spread the word. When I display my paper models during special events at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, the Fly-Model A-1 Skyraider and GPM F4 Phantom seem to attract a lot of attention from former A-1 and F4 drivers. Several have asked me how to get copies of the kits.

    And as I've mentioned before, the Paper Models exhibit I put together for the EAA Museum was supposed to stay up 6 months and has proven so popular that it's still there after 4 years. The exhibit includes paper model aircraft of all sizes and shapes donated by modelers from all over the U.S. I also made some placards on the history of paper models, getting started in the hobby, and models on the Internet. I included a list of contributors and modelers and some unbuilt kits, a copy of GPM's Kartonowka magazine, and a copy of the PMI catalog.

    If anyone is thinking of putting together an exhibit for a museum or wherever, I'd be happy to share the signage I created and give you any other help I can.

    No worries,

    This is an old photo of the EAA Exhibit--I've added more models since then. (I'll take some more recent shots next time I'm there.) The cases are in a high-traffic area in the Museum's Restoration Shop, just off the exhibit gallery.

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  10. -Jim G

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    For the press conference to kick off the Festival, this cake was presented:[​IMG]
  11. willygoat

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    I've tried to my part at the Strategic Air and Space museum here in town. It's not near as prestigious as getting a display at the EAA, but it works. I work there part time in the education dept. teaching flight camps and doing overnights in the museum. At first I brought a model in for my bosses because my wife didn't want it at home (typical). They liked them so much that I kept taking them out there. 18 models later I'm still going. The cool part is that during the summer we hang them up in the flight camp classroom so the campers can see them. I even got to teach a short session on building them. It was great!
  12. cgutzmer

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    Pretty nice :) I hope to get up there again some day and check it out in person.
  13. sakrison

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    Nice cake decorations! A little chewy, but nice!
  14. Werner Smuts

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    AMEN BROTHERS! AMEN! I guess i would need to start building a few models and go and SPREAD THE WORD, SHOW THEM HOW TO CONVERT!

    AMEN! Let it be as we say! GO OUT, SPREAD THE WORD!
  15. -Jim G

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    let them eat cake

    If I had known that they were going to land the models on icing, I would have built them versions on skis!

    Here is a link to their site:
  16. Bowdenja

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    And a few penguins too..........maybe!:twisted:
  17. redwolf28386

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    Is your model still available? I can't seem to find it.:???:

  18. Bowdenja

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  19. redwolf28386

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    Thanks!! Nice work!!

  20. 46rob

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    I've started building card models of specific projects here, and displaying them in the 'lobby' area. A lot of the old guys who work here are avid modelers and are taking quite an interest in trying their hand at paper modeling...not only as a new challenge--but also as it's a great hobby for fixed incomes. Take a model to work (if you're allowed) and display it, along with a few printed sheets to show how it works.

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