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  1. I frequently take the car on this and have noticed that after loading the shuttle is lowered before departing. Anyone know why?
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    What kind of Euroshuttle do you mean? There are several means of transport services with this name. (Even an Air Service, but surely you don't mean that, right? :D)

    Do you have a pic of, or a link to 'your' Euroshuttle?

  3. Sorry, I meant "Le Shuttle", the car train. After loading it seems that the train drops a few inches. I suppose it has something to do with balancing the load (air suspension?) but would understand it more easily if it was raised off bump stocks, like the suspension on the old Citroens.
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    if you mean that the cars with the loading platforms are lowered this is because the cars actually have a set of crane-like jack arms which come out when the car loading ramps are lowere to support the car and prevent it from rocking as cars and buses are loaded onto the train.

    The jacks are raised back into the car before the train sets off which allows the car to settle back onto its wheels, hence appearing to drop back down.
  5. Thanks Ross. Hope to meet you at the American Train Show

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    American Train Show???

    Never heard of that!

    There is quite a good book on the Eurotunnel operations out (has been out at least four or so years). Its about the same size as landscape A4 but i forget what the title is now. I know there is a copy in my local library. I should have a small book on eurotunnel myself, will have a look for it if you want.

    Oh, and your welcome!
  7. Sorry, I meant this;
    26 November 2005[​IMG][​IMG]North American Model Railroad Exhibition - details to follow

    ( Got it from your clubsite)
    [​IMG][​IMG]no club layouts
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    ah i seee!

    Thats our annual club event, can tell you now that will be at Ashurst Wood. And yes i will be there. Will also be at the Woking Show next weekend along with the Keddie layout and a couple of my complete trains inculding an FT-hauled coal train.

    Your welcome to come and say hello!

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