European N gauge modular layout standards ?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by viorel, Mar 25, 2007.

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    I'm just starting my layout here. I have in mind a modular layout, so that I can move it easily around.

    What is the most used standard for modular layout in N gauge ? I've found the NEM standards ( but unfortunately only for HO, and not N :(.

    And also FREMO : 87 (, which seems to be less used than NEM.

    What should I use ? What is the most spread N Gauge modular layout standard ?

    (I live in Europe, so only European standards will do).

    Thank you for your advice.

  2. 60103

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    Do you plan to exhibit your layout or just have it sectional for easier moving?
    If you're going to exhibit it, you should talk to people at local shows to see what is popular locally, as you'll need to fit in with them.
    If you're just doing a home layout it doesn't matter. The best known standards are N-trak (American) but limiting because of the 3-track mainline.
    There are a number of others that allow a bit more flexibility, but they are fragmented.
  3. viorel

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    Thanks for the advice, David. ;)
  4. MadHatter

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    Hi viorel

    Please let us know what you come up with as it will be interesting to hear what's going on in Europe regarding module standards.
  5. Jim Krause

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    There are also the NMRA module standards for N scale. You can find them on website. Of course, those are from an American organization and are meant to be a national standard so that people from all over the US can interconnect their modules. As was mentioned above, it depends on who you want to connect your module with. If its a club, they will have their own standards. If you just want to connect to more of your own modules, you can do as you like. If you plan to start a group or club, you can get together with your friends and set up your own standards.
  6. MasonJar

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    Take a look through the "reference thread" at the top of the Modular Forum. There may be some useful information in there...

    Link to the Modular Forum is in my signature, below...


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