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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by stanC, Jul 6, 2007.

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    Can any one help with suggestions how to link or convert US coupling with a European one. The European has a standard square shaft on the rolling stock and the different couplers slides in this shaft making it very easy to interchange between suppliers
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    stanC- those "shafts" are known as NEM Boxes, I'm not sure of the number but you can get Kadee knuckle couplers that clip into them too.

    Like wise you can buy European couplers that can fit into Kadee boxes- Mehano in Izola, Slovenia is an example (IHC buy their stuff from them so try IHC [International Hobby Corp]).

    What I would do, if you wanted to mix the wagons with different type couplers, is to make one or a few "adapter wagons", i.e.: One side has the knuckle and the other side the European type.

    Upside of this: Cheaper than doing the whole fleet of wagons/coaches.
    Downside: You need to always run whatever adapter wagon you made in the consist if you are going to be shunting.
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    Thanks very much for the very helpful reply. Perhaps you could also help with a similar problem with an old Lima SAR blue locomotive which has the Lima coupling. Is it possible to get conversions for this as it around 30 years old
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    Lima 5E1 Conversion

    :thumb: Now you're down my alley!!sign1

    PM me your email address and I'll send you step by step pics of what to do- I would have loved to post them but the guys are still working on the problem of people not able to post pics.

    What I've done is replace the old Lima Scrappy Chassis with a newer, better chassis from Frateschi (A Brazilian model train company).

    You can just Google the name and then purchase the chassis from them it cost me R200 (+/- $30). When in their site search for the "G12" chassis. If you decide to use this chassis all you need do is trim each end about 1mm and the Lima body pops right on. It's a break from that old Pancake motor as all wheels are driven and pick up and also has flywheels. This chassis is perfect as the bogie wheel base and type are near perfect to the real loco. :thumb:

    Otherwise I hear of people using a Life Like Proto 2000 SD7 (I think) for repowering the loco.

    Once I have your email, I'll send you the pics, you can basically do the same conversion as the Frateschi if you decide to stick with the original Lima chassis.

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