Escape module BD-409 EEV from Aliens 3 / Jan Rúkr / 1?

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    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]BD 409 EEV[/FONT]
    Specifications: Passenger Capacity: 5 Length: 13.2 m with an L-shaped wedge configuration Range: 1.4 parsecs
    Design: Three support struts house ICC standard retaining lugs for connection to the mother ship. The 'L' section of the EEV contains life support and drive systems. It is connected to the mother ship by an umbilical up until the moment of launch. The hull is designed to withstand re-entry at severe angles.
    Evacuation Procedure: If a crisis arises and the crew is in hibernation, the onboard computers handle the evacuation. Rigid protocols for the crisis management systems ensure that a ship is only evacuated when failure to do so would result in a loss of life.
    EEVs are kept on a permanent 30 second standby. When prepped for launch, mission data is downloaded into their computers and the crew's hypersleep capsules are moved via transport tubes to the escape hatches where they are loaded into the EEV. Once the capsules are secure and hooked up to the life support system, the EEV initiates its launch program. The entire evacuation procedure takes 45 seconds.
    Rescue Procedure: Once clear of the mother ship, the EEV turns on the distress and locator beacon and scans the immediate sector of space for a habitable landing site. The EEV will attempt to home in on the nearest navigation beacon and set course for that location. The crew is kept in hibernation because of its limited life support capacity and the computer will awaken them when rescue is imminent. If the EEV senses a rescue ship nearby, it will send out a hailing signal and alter course to meet it. In the case a colony beacon is detected, it will follow it down to the colony's landing pad. If neither of these exist, the EEV will touch down on the nearest habitable planet. If it is forced to land on an uninhabited or unexplored world, the onboard computer may elect to keep the crew in hibernation until rescued. If the crew is revived, storage lockers contain rations and first-aid equipment.


    This module is in the movie Aliens 3 was fired from the ship Sulaco Laughing I'll do it in A3 format and make tuning Laughing

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Rogerio Silva

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    That's nice, man! Are you the author?
  3. DanBKing

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    .......... Huh?

    Hey! Rogerio. Back to your studying! Concentrate, man!!!!:mrgreen:

    How did you not see the title of the thread???

    I hope you read your books better....sign1sign1sign1

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    I missed this model completely. I like forward to seeing it . :)
  5. Revell-Fan

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    skoda, you said you were going to pimp it. I can imagine how you might decorate the outer hull, but who are you going to put inside??? :mrgreen:
  6. Rogerio Silva

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    smoke gets in my eyes...

    Yeah, man, you're right... :rolleyes: I just thought that "skoda" and Jan were the same people... :p Sorry!
    I'm getting back to the books... :curse:
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    Today I just o'rýhoval all the parts and do those little plates on the 1 part
  8. skoda

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  9. zathros

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    I thought this would help with any scale issues. :p:twisted:

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  11. skoda

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    looking great so far. Do not forget to use formers or bulkheads inside to keep the sides from bulging inwards. keep it up and waiting to see more o your stuff.
  13. Rogerio Silva

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    Second that!
  14. skoda

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  15. Rogerio Silva

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    Nice, skoda! Prime quality job, as usual. Could you please post more pics that show all the faces? Thanks in advance.
  16. zathros

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    Really incredible workmanship! Your patience is immeasurable!
  17. skoda

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  18. dnalor

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    it's great looking..
    are you going to make also the hull of the ship it came off from?
    just a piece of the ship for hanging it on the wall..:)
  19. Rogerio Silva

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    Great work, and thanks for the pics!
  20. vbsargent

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    Well . . he did make the Sulaco, but not in scale with the escape podsign1


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