Epson vs Adobe vs Mac OSX: complete printing meltdown

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by ryan, Oct 24, 2004.

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    Has anyone found an efficient way to manage Epson printer settings in Mac OSX? I have a new laptop and am crushed to find that all my Prototyp output settings are ignored. Adobe's CS apps send you through a myriad dialog panels and warning messages before you get to Epson's updated printer interface. Problem is, all of the Epson settings are now distributed through umpteen pulldown menus with values of 0.00 to 4.00 in hundredth increments. These apparently have no correllation with the Epson printer settings from OS9 or early OSX systems, which had some nice sliders for levels ranging from -9 to +9 or thereabouts. I have once come across these 'old' Epson control panels, but as quickly as they appeared they were gone again. Confounding. I am in the massively arduous process of printing test sheets over and over again whilst bumping through various hundredths of this and that... but it might well be the end of me.
    Thanks for any infos...
  2. ryan

    ryan New Member

    I'll be damned. I checked Epson's driver downloads last weekend in an attempt to solve this problem and came up only slightly better off (some driver update which was pre Adobe CS). I just checked again and they released new drivers and documentation as of two days ago. Much respect to Epson... now let's see if they fixed everything.

    More soon.

    Nope... same useless interface...

    Deleted everything to do with epson printers and reinstalled the new driver. Got the standard Epson interface back, and something somewhere remembered my configurations. BUT applications such as Illustrator CS still won't remember what settings a file is meant to use.

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