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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Shipbuilder, May 18, 2006.

  1. Shipbuilder

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    This has probably been addressed before but here I go. I have purchased an Epson R220 printer to use in cardmodelling(I needed something w/a straight feed for the paper) as I had heard very good things about Epson here and from a friend I have who owned his own digital photography business. I wondered if any one had used this model or had any input. I looked up the models that were mentioned in previous posts but couldn't locate them so I tried this one. In any case Epson seems to always get good reviews for this type of work. Also, I am just wondering for the veterans out there. If you had to start w/all new tools to do this with and put together a "starter kit" for cardmodelling what would you include in it. I know everyone has different tastes but I kind of need to know what to be looking out for as I get into this and get some projects under my belt. Thanks in advance for any help.:) .
  2. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    One word of advice about epson, they have really goodprint quality, but you absolutelt must without fail run a cleaning cycle every few days if you are not going to be using it. The reason is that epsons will get clogged if they are not used or cleaned and they can be irrepairable after they clogg. Another thing is that be prepared to replace the ink very often epsons are renowned for being ink hogs.
  3. dinsour

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    The main reason the Epsons printers clog is because you do not replace the print head when your change ink cartrages. I had one and it was in the shop twice while in warrenty . (1 year). The next time I didn't clear the heads, The cost was almost as much as I paid for the printer. So it went to the curb on garbage day. I have a Lexmark & and HP combo unit now. No problems in 3 years.

    73 Ron
  4. Shipbuilder

    Shipbuilder New Member

    I appreciate the feedback. I had a Lexmark(1) and it just got to where it wouldn't print period(some black or white, then streaks, lacking color, etc, even after I changed the cartridge). I have a HP all-in-one for other work but the paper feeds in and goes around the wheels and comes back out. I was worried that this would hurt the cardstock as it needed to be fed in straight to prevent it from bending. If that isn't the case, when this one goes dead on me I'll go back to HP(by the way, am I wrong on that idea about feeding around the wheels and not staying straight?) In any case, what HP does everyone use? :->
  5. Bluenoser

    Bluenoser Member

    I use an HP all-in-one and have had no real printing problems other than if I am putting in more than one card stock sheet it grabs them all at once. So I just feed in one at a time in the tray.
  6. hpept

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    i have an HP psc 1315 "does it all". No problems except the crappy printer drivers. I have an issue for example with front-back printing. Each time i use this function, the help window asking to change paper orientation to feed it back again for the second pass goes unexpicably under the user profile of my wife, so i have to change user, push the button to start printing again and go back to my user profile. What a heck?!
  7. Larry Richardson

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    I had an Epson C80, and yes, it clogged beyond repair on the second set of ink tanks. Other than that, it was a good printer.:wink:
  8. wunwinglow

    wunwinglow Active Member

    I just binned an Epson C82 that was about 2 years old; I only ever had decent prints from it when it was brand new. It was better if it was printing every day, just a couple of days not being used and it would clog. Cleaning cycle would usually clear it, or sometimes I printed out full-width blocks of cyan, magenta and yellow, to give the head a real blast. Anyway, it clogged betond even this, so I'm looking for a new printer as well. Strangely enough, we are now using an Epson C740 which was on the kids PC, and hardly ever was used by them, and it was second hand, the previous owner having stored it in his shed, unused, for 2 years before we had it! And it still works just fine.....

    Time for a Canon or an HP, I reckon. Anyone recommend one with a straight feed path?

    Tim P
  9. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Canon Printers

    This type of thread occurs periodically and usually after someone's printer stops working permanently.

    The following is a list of things to look for in a cardmodeling printer:

    - Low inkjet cartridge replacement cost and general availability
    - Availability and ability to use refill kits
    - Has a high number of full color page prints per cartridge
    - Uses a minimum number of ink cartridges
    - Ability to print banners or a minimum length of 23 inches
    - Nearly straight through paper path
    - Ability to handle thicker cardstock materials
    - Prints edge to edge
    - Compatible print drivers
    - Reliable printheads
    - USB 2 interface

    I used this list to purchase my last printer 2 years ago, a Canon i560 which is still running beautifully and I recommend. Canon no longer produces the i560 but still manufactures a similar model.

  10. Larry Richardson

    Larry Richardson New Member

    I suspect the problem with the Epson C80 series is the Duralast ink. I bought the printer primarily because of the waterproof ink, but I am thinking that it dries out too easily in the print head. Currently I use a Lexmark which is good for a cheap printer. Lexmark provides a new printhead with each cartridge change, which is a nice feature.

    What I really want is a good flat feed type printer.
  11. keith

    keith Member

    Try getting the epson service tool software, helps reduce the ink costs when cleaning the heads.
    The epsons also have a sealing mechanism which prevents the heads drying out, it only activates when you switch the printer off using the OFF button.
    If you leave the printer on for days without printing it WILL clog, it's better to turn it off at the end of the day.
    I find the epson head cleaning only really works if you leave it at least 15 minutes between cleaning and only ever clean the heads 3 times in 2 hours(if it clogs that bad)
    You can also get cleaning solutions that you put in the sponge to prevent/undo clogging.

    As for a starter kit for paper or card modelling :-
    1. scissors (fiskars is always recomended)
    2. pva glue
    3. a scoring tool, either a darning needle, an empty biro or a special tool.
    4. a ruler.

    optional extra's
    cutting mat + craft knive + steel ruler
    circle cutter
    acrylic paint set
    laser cutting machine :)

  12. rwguess

    rwguess Member

  13. yaniv

    yaniv Active Member

    i have the epson stylos photo r200

    the printer is reale good and the reasolts are realy qulity

    i also use to print the card bord on it and its not jam

    the only problem is the that the inc are expensiv

    but hwo say that it will be a chip hobby :)

    that way must of my models are booklet so u nt need any print to use only if u make some mistick

    but in the end of the line

    i love my print after i tray lots of models prints i found this 1 and realy like the work of it


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