EPSON Photo R320 vs HP Photosmart 8250

Discussion in 'Software' started by copertura, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. copertura

    copertura New Member

    Hi all,

    I'd like to buy a inkjet printer. One of those that you don't need the PC for using it, but only a digitac card (like XD picture card).

    This because I don't have a computer at home and I don't want to buy .... but i'd like to print some color prints (of scanned model, for example).

    At the end my choice is between the ones in the title:

    EPSON Photo R320
    HP Photosmart 8250

    They both have incorporated card reader and have some possibility in elaborating the images without a PC.
    They cost the same amount in Italy (about 190 euros) and look almost at the same level but I'm not sure about which one to choose.

    Someone can help me? Did you have the opportunity to use them?
    What do you prefer Hp or Epson printer?

  2. bunuel66

    bunuel66 New Member

    Epson vs HP

    I use HP printers for a long time and they are pretty reliable. From a cost standpoint they have the disadvantage that the ink cartridges are a bit expensive as they incorporate the printing heads.
    The last HP printers are also a bit "invasive" in terms of software and it doesn't hurt to clean the PC after installation of the drivers.
    Conversely Epson is cheaper in term of ink as its cartridges are headless.
    Maybe some Epson user can gives its opinion about reliability.

  3. doc_harvey

    doc_harvey Member

    Epson R320

    I have an Epson r320, and I think that its a very capable printer. I have printed both card models and photos out of it and am very satisfied with the end results. I think that the ink cartridges are a little pricey (when you need to replace all of them), but aside from that I am fairly happy with it.


    A comperable Canon will pay for itself on ink carterages alone.
  5. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Canon i560

    I've been using a Canon i560 for several years and am amazed at how well it has held up against all that I've put it through.

  6. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    I have a canon i475D and love it, and if I buy in bulk(10 or more) printer cartridges cost about 3.00 USD apiece. Nothing is more agrravating than running out of ink when printing that new model .........arrggg!

  7. rwguess

    rwguess Member


    all hail the mighty EPSON printer R340

    it has not let me down with beautiful prints!

    all submit to its mightyness


  8. mwangarch

    mwangarch New Member

    canon i series vs epson

    The Epson CX series appears to print using pigmented inks vs the Canon i series which uses an ink dye.

    I've found the colors on the Epson on cardstock and plain paper a much better match to what I see on the screen compared to the Canon.

    The Canon inks are NOT colorfast and will fade seriously with exposure to light. Canon claims that their inks are colorfast IF you use Canon papers. This may be true but I can assure you that it's not true with regular cardstock.

    Good luck.
  9. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    colour matching

    Working in photofinishing with both 'wet' and digital formats there is a fundamental thing that everyone ought to do.
    Print out your model/photo and compare the image with your monitor. Then go into your monitor properties and adjust the colours to match your printout, and SAVE the profile. (A difficult thing to do as one image is reflected light and the other is projected light) but get it as close as you can.
    When you want a closer colour match for your models use this new profile when colouring your pdfs/jpgs.
  10. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Would you mind doing a short, down and dirty tutorial on this? We've already been around the Moon several times on this subject and it usually gets dropped when it becomes apparent that everyones system is different. "get it as close as you can" pretty well sums up the approximate nature of doing this procedure. I have waisted a lot of card stock getting just near to the desired color on several models.

  11. Gefahren

    Gefahren Member

    Since I can calibrate my monitor, scanner, and printer separatly (and mess them up completely in the process) wouldn't it be better if I had some sort of reference to compare it to instead of just adjusting everything to match the printers current output?
    And on that note, I was wondering if anyone knows what paint colors match the colors on those little calibration samples you can get for your monitor? That way I can go raid my local Home Depot for those little free paint chip samples instead of spending money on a color wheel.

    O, and I prefer cannon over epson, and epson over HP. My Cannon S400 hasn't ever had the slightest problem, even when it sat unused for 8-10 months. Where as the old epson I had clogged all the time if you didn't use it very often (full color page every two days is what I think it worked out to).

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