Enya Air Engine

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by Bro_28, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. Bro_28

    Bro_28 New Member

    I have an Enya .60 engine, model 7032....considering I'm a total electric guy I have no clue how to even hook this thing up. I was thinking about building an airboat for it or sticking it in a plane. Any help on how to hook it up would be awesome.

  2. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    All you need to hook it up is:
    A fuel tank with two lines(one for pressure from the silencer to the tank. One from the tank to the carb.)
    A .60 Engine mount for aircraft or a way to mount it.
    An engine starter or start stick (something to turn the prop)
    A glow plug heater/starter.
    and thats about it. You should probably run the engine before you get it all mounted and such to make sure it is worth messin with. And remember being air cooled you will want the engine to have as much airflow over it as possible
  3. Bro_28

    Bro_28 New Member

    That is what I would've thought...after some extensive research I have found that the engine is liquid cooled...there is two ports in the cylinder head for water to flow into and out of....however I had the hardest time finding anything on the web about it....is it rare or something? I also found out its a ringed piston...two rings to be exact. Very odd engine compared to what I've seen.
  4. oliver

    oliver New Member

    I havent found anything on the net either but, I reckon its a Inboard Boat engine.Most boat engines have watercooled heads with a pipe that pums the water from the back of the fin by means of a pickup through the head and out the other side.If you can supply a pic i would be able to tell you....Enya boat engines are very scarce.
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