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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by camelot, May 24, 2003.

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    My 2nd pour of Envirotex has not gone off after nearly 2 weeks , in a few areas it is hard as it should be , most other areas quite soft and still tacky.

    I am not sure what happened i did the same as first pour ( it think) , maybe it was too cold or i didn't have enough hardener or didn't mix it properly.Or maybe i added too much tint to it?:confused:

    Anyway , can anybody give me a idea of what to do , the water level is about where i want it , but i can't leave it like this , it gathers dust and it sticks to the pond.I could do one more thin pour , should i put extra hardener in it? Should i brush it on rather than pour , should i do a clear untinted coat ?

    any help would be appreciated


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    What I would do

    Why you got the results you did is because you didn't mix it good enough. You should look at the envirotex web page and read everything on pouring the stuff. They talk about table tops and stuff like that, but the onfo rings true.

    How I would fix it. First I would take some alcohaul and remove as much as I could of the stuff that hasnt set. Then I would use laquer thiner and wipe off more, and clean the surfas off. Dose not matter about deformaties or scratches at this point. You could even take a sanding disk and sand some of it off if nessasary to get the goop out. Most likely not nessasary to sand it, a good rubdown with laquer thinner should do the trick. Make shure you leave no lint or dust. If you sand it, finnish off with a fine grit. Once all cleaned up, wipe down with alcohaul and pour a new top coat of the envirotex, only as much as you need to fill any depressions and give the water surface a new coat. This should fix it.
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    Thanks for your reply TrainClown , you wouldn't have Envirtex's web site url would you , didn't find it on yahoo


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