Enterprise NX-01 in 1:850

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by loenf, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. loenf

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    after I read a thread of D-Whale who was building the Ent NX-01 in 1:1700 I decided to build the model as well. Considering that the scale of 1:1700 for the Ent NX-01 is very small, I choose the double size (1:850). The model lenght is 275mm and the diameter of the saucer section is 165mm. Thanks to D-Whale for the hints and the reference photos. That was one of the most complicated model I ever built. Now its time for the next model and there are plenty of good models on my to-do list.

    regards Loenf

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  2. cp1963

    cp1963 New Member

    Great work! How do you go about changing the scale?
  3. radar*293

    radar*293 New Member

    looks good
  4. ShadoWolf

    ShadoWolf New Member

    That is a sweet looking build.
  5. tata

    tata New Member

    Super Stand
  6. JakeBlues

    JakeBlues New Member

    your work is magnificent.
  7. schorhr

    schorhr Member

    Awesome. I like the stand as well :) How long did it take to build it?
  8. loenf

    loenf Member

    Hi, I think I was building the model nearly three and a half weeks almost every evening.

    regards Loenf
  9. paperdemon

    paperdemon New Member

    A3 then?

    Awesome build, awesome stand! :thumb:

    I always thought the 1:1700 scale was way too small to build - at least for me and my crafting skills. Plus, I prefer bigger models anyway.
    This model was one of the main reasons why I bought me an A3+ printer :mrgreen:
    So is it enough to just print the plans out in doubled size on A3 paper?
    If so, I just gotta nick me two sheets of 160g A3 paper from somewhere... :twisted:
  10. RocketmanTan

    RocketmanTan Well-Known Member

    All I can say about this:

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  11. schorhr

    schorhr Member

    Wow, that is long... but it was worth it. It turned out amazing.

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