Enough of planning already!!!!

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by wdsrwg, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. wickman

    wickman Member

    I was going to say the same as Chris to paint the rails an ties and it'll all blend nicely:wave:
  2. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member

    Well, it happened already, I tore up some of the ballast because it
    just didn't look right, dang!:oops:
    And then I recieved the new Corner Stone diesel house. :D
    It is a kit and looks like a long Winter weekend project. :rolleyes:
    I think I have all the wiring ready to be hooked up and the
    DCC unit will be installed by months end. :thumb:

    Have a good one all! :wave:
  3. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member


    Forgot a tip on ballasting that I found works really well.
    Before spreading the ballast materials I used a glue stick (tube type)
    on the cork roadbed (outside only) and it holds the ballast in place real well.
    The I finished spreading the rest, soaked with 50/50 H2O & Alcohol,
    and the glued. Works well and keeps from having to do alot of sculpting.
    Word of warning though, make sure you just put the glue on the cork.
    I got it on the outside ties and man what a mess!
    Thats how I know it holds well because that was the section I had
    to tear up!!! :rolleyes:

  4. wickman

    wickman Member

    Good to hear your moving ahead there with wiring ...I can bet that once you get the buss wire and feeders all hooked up you won't be able to resist connecting up the dcc system and running at least one engine sign1 but I know this cuz I did the same and what a treat it was .
    Russel did you by chance see the new coal station from cornerstone ...very very nice.
    For me I'm struggling with making an elevated town in the corner :oops:
  5. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member

    Yes I did see that Lynn but, it will not fit in my
    layout scheme this time around. I am however going
    to purchase in the future the accessories for
    the engine house. Refuling station, wash station, ect.

    And yes you had better believe there wil be a loco
    motovating down the old tracks when all is right with
    the dcc!!!
    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    How is your project fairing?
    Haven'y seen a new post from you

    I'd rather be laying ballast but its Back to work.
    :curse: No danged fun anymore. :curse:

    Take care,

  6. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Hi Russell,,
    Glad you have a winter project re diesel house:D

    Going back to track ballest weathering, My LHS owner Dave has built some very detailed layouts , when I was talking to him last about this subject, he said he uses oily black paint around the switching areas and yards,smelly diesels drop a bit of that stuff you know:D

    Get er donesign1
  7. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member

    The main line switches to the yard will have ballast around them
    but, the yard is going to be black and nasty! :D
    This is a great way to feature how the actual workings are of a realistic
    rail operation. The nice clean and beautiful ballast will be turned to
    a rust/oil stained mess and it will be a wonderful site! :thumb:

    I watch the (RFD) channel for all of their rail shows and the other day
    they had the NS line hauling nothing but coal out of Virginia. Even
    in full color it looked black and white! My son mentioned how drab
    it looked and all I said was "Its a thing of pure beauty!!! tooth1

    Must be my Red Neck coming out!

    I bought some more course ballast today because the medium and fine
    just don't do it for me. I mixed the 3 and got a desireable effect.

    Its what you see not what has to be!

    One of the guys that work at my local HS is building a layout with (126)
    yes one hundred and twenty six switches in a 14X16 room.
    I thought a dozen was a pain!!!

    The diesel house has a build date of 2.1.07 and will be put in place around the
    end of April.

    Tell your HS guy that I'm with him when it comes down to oil and grime! :thumb:

    Once again I'm rattling on so thanks for the reply and good railing to you!

  8. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    Hi Russell,
    126 SWTCHES!!! I'd love to see that guy's track plan...I haven't been able to decide on what size ballast to use. I can't wait to see your mixture. As far as coloration goes...I love to see those black grimey rail yards myself and have planned on "oiling" up my yard as well. Oh yeah...you hook that dcc up and you won't do nothin' but run trains for a month!!!! sign1
  9. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member

    I am going to ask him for the plans next week.
    He has (2) professionals on retainer to help.
    There is also a customer of the HS that is
    converting his entire 1200 sq ft basement into
    his dream plan. Over 300 switches in that one.
    These guys are nuts! :D
    The bad side of this madness is, one has been
    building for over 3 years and still hasn't seen a train run!!! :rolleyes:
    I don't know about you Steve but I will build a little and
    run a little too!
    Have a great weekend and I will post pix when time allows.
  10. wickman

    wickman Member

    Yike 300 switches, that is insane, he must be getting ready to retire :wave:
  11. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member

    300 seems to be the treshold of insanity.
    He has been building this monster for 5
    years and still hasn't seen a train run!

    There is also a gentleman that is in his
    early 80's that just purchased 10 CASES
    of flex. He has an around the wall layout
    that he just finished the benchwork for
    and it runs contiuous in a 48' X 36' basement!
    He will use at least 250 switches and 3 Turn Tables!!!
    The width will vary from 18" up to 30" with 3-4
    pennisulas just for the added torture!
    He figures to see it 10-20% completed then his
    3 sons are to see it through completion.
    BTY, he has never, ever built a layout of any kind before.
    Now thats a hoobyist guys.:thumb:

    On my layout I'm using chalk for some ballast weathering
    and even on a few of my rolling stock. Very messy but seems
    to be giving me the results I want and is easier to work in than paint.

    More pix when business slows down here. Maybe
    2010 or so. :D

    Lynn, When are you going to post more pix?

  12. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I would hope that someone building for 5 years has at least test run a train. Every crossover is a potential short circuit. I would hate see someone build a complete layout with 300 switches and then when all done find that he has a short circuit!
  13. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member

    Nope, not one train.
    He is running metered tests at each connection I have been told.
    The guy is an electronic engineer so..... I guess that qualifies him.
    Like I stated before, the 20 or so I am going to have is a nightmare
    that keeps me awake.

    Who has the most on the gauge here?
  14. wickman

    wickman Member

    Very soon Russel I've been getting some of the mountain work done , I have 3/4 of one wall with the mountain bare face done , its about ready for some rock molds. I keep changing things and looking for ways to add bridges and stuff my son comes in once in a while and gives me rediculous ideas... which I strangely seem to always like sign1
    I can post some messy layout pics I guess. Whats nice with this hobby is you can work on wiring for a bit then some structures for a bit then bounce over to some scenery :wave:
    Actually I did post a while back with the diarammas now in place.
  15. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member

    Right with ya there Lynn.
    With the track solidly in place its
    play time for the kid!
    I am molding all of my rock and rock
    face with a styrofoam wire cutter so,
    things can change many different times
    in the course of an hour.
    My youngest son (15) also is showing
    more interest all the time now that the
    thing is starting to look like something
    more than just foam board and track.
    His in sight is to make all things look
    old and used. The more he messes things
    up, the better it is looking!!

    Looking foward to the new pix and I have followed
    all your progress so far.

    Great weekend to all! :wave:
  16. wickman

    wickman Member

    If you want to get your son interested why not find him a simple scratch build he can do that can be used on the layout, I think there's even a couple places that have paper free downloads actually here it is http://www.papercreek.com/ he'll probably say ya but dad its a toilet :wave: just tell him to make it look old and uses :thumb:
  17. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member

    Well, he is already very interested and once we make a test run he'll be hooked for sure.
    He has a great insight to the protos because I have had him along on some of my fact finding excursions. He would probably say That I dragged him along but don't listen to him, he's just a kid!
    I have put him in charge of weathering some rolling stock and they look real good. He wants to get his hands on my BNSF 4400 but thats never going to happen. I just told him that, that one spends alot of time in the wash bay!!!
    These young ones have great ideas and he has stated that we need to rough up the shinny cars to make them look real. Dang I hate to take the gloss off those pretty colors but, he's right. We are using chalk and a light spray of dull-coat. I like using the chalk because you can put it where you want and make changes easily if it has to be done.
    We can even make those nice shinny wheels look real rusted up.

    Have a great week all, :wave:

  18. 91rioja

    91rioja Member

    Russell, have you made any more progress lately?
  19. wdsrwg

    wdsrwg Member

    Good to hear from someone!
    I have been so busy that little has been done.
    First frost of the season is coming tonight so,
    that will spell a little more time to do what's important. :D
    I recieved the diesel house last month and that will be a
    long assembly project. The track is ready to test and I
    will be running soon, just need to find time.
    I am also going to finish the around the wall benchwork
    and get back to laying track in Oct.
    Hope all is well with you. Do you have any more pix?

    Fall isn't falling here, its crashing in like a gorilla! :rolleyes:

  20. Nazgul

    Nazgul Active Member

    Russell, we haven't forgot about ya:wave:
    I think it's great that your son is sharing in the fun and showing you the way it's supposed to be done;)
    Dang, the thought of winter coming on makes me :curse:, can't stand the cold!
    post when ya can even if it's only to say hello!
    take care

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