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    We drove by the former Pennsy Enola Yard yesterday. Just some observations from someone who's never seen it before.
    The catenary is gone, but the supports are still there. There are some massive steel structures going over many tracks, and others where the wire supports (whaddyacallem) across the tracks are still up.
    It's hard to tell what railroad ows the yard now. I saw Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Union Pacific, BNSF, NS and Conrail. The last two were most common; Conrail might have an edge, but they stand out better.
    Not sure if I saw anything moving. We were about two hours into a 9 or 10 hour trip.
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    That is one huge yard David. Thanks for the picture and track plan Matthew
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    Your Welcome Robin :wave: :wave:
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    Thanks Matthew. I've not seen the yard before (I'm now wondering if I saw it all!) but this time we drove up Hwy 15 which goes into Enola and runs up the side of the yard.
    I didn't have the camera handy :(
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    Your Welcome David. If you want to see more pictures i am sure i can find more.
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    thanks for the pix, I had no idea the yard could be that large, we do not have yard like that here, the largest I have sean here is about 14 storage roads with engine refueling, and work shops for loco, and trucks.I would like to see more pix of the yard if you have any more...have a good one..steve
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    ausien: the yard is located acrsoss the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg. It was at the end of the electric tracks from Philadelphia, where they changed to steam or diesel locos to Chicago. I think the next big railroad town west is Altoona (Horseshoe curve).
    I think Enola used to be a junction with a line from Washington, and possibly others.
    On the sattelite photo, north is up and the yard is on the west (lef) side of the river between the the two white (highway) bridges. The dark bridge is a lovely old stone railway viaduct.
    Electric service now stops at Harrisburg. I'm not sure if it's passenger only now.
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    just a side comment i vist reletives in pittsburg and i always drive by the big conway yard. personaly i think it is bigger than that yard but that yard looks great too

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