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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by garyj36, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. garyj36

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    I'd like to enlarge the JSC USS North Carolina to 1/250th. But Kinkos can only print on cardstock up to 11X17 which is too small. My other option is to have it enlarged on regular paper and laminate to poster board. But the lamination itself would be like hanging wallpaper. Not to mention giving me a 1mm or better thickness on all parts. Any suggestions?
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    I could probably do this for you, only it would requre sending me the model. I work for a large format blueprint company, I can scan and print large format color. If your interested, let me know. I can do this type of stuff as long as I dont abuse the privelage.

  3. cmdrted

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    Gary, there are a few things about enlarging the JSC kits to 1/250..I'm currently doing the Shimakaze and found a few minor problems. I scanned mine into the computer and broke some assemblies to letter size. The line detail on the parts came out huge and left them looking kind of cartoonish. Not bad, but a little heavy. I'm re-painting them and thinning the lines and adding pop out details, ie instead of the flat printed detail actually either building the part or laminating them to thicker stock to account for the enlargment. When I get home tonight I'll post a few examples. There are alternatives to having to enlarge all the detail parts, one of which is borrowing them from the larger scale ships. after all US weapons were relatively standard by the NCs career The 5" the 40mm etc. As was ship's boats etc. This of course "sumes you have a larger kit to borrow from. Anyhows thats one way to look at this, good luck, somewhere along the way the NC is also on the to-do list.
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    The biggest problem so far is figuring out what to do about the hull sides. The pieces are just too big scaled up for letter size. And I dont want my hull sides to look like a quilt
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    Gary here are a few pics showing one of the problems with enlarging these kits. The panel lines become real thick and the printed on detail becomes noticeably flat. Simple repainting and adding something I think is called forced contast actually improves the pieces. This is where you just add a lighter color about 1 pixel wide around 2 of the printed on detail sides. I stumbled on this when looking at the Gremir nagatsuki's hull for clues on Japanese hull details. Thier designer placed a simple light colored line along what might be the plating seams and a darker one on the lower seam. It's kind of an optical illusion but it looks great. This works on just about any part, see the pics, anyways good luck again.
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    Again, if the problem is the length of the side pieces, you're OK. As long as the width of the pieces is no bigger than letter, you can easily define special paper sizes which are very long.

    Of course, you'll have to buy larger sheets of paper and cut them to letter width.


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