engine wont stay running

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by hogster8, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. hogster8

    hogster8 New Member

    Hey all i have just recieved my new SH.28 engine. Got it installed and am trying to break it in but when i start it it idles just fine.And then when i remove my glow plug igniter it dies instantly. any clues? i am using the glow plug called for and even tried another. Was told by one person it could be to rich and put the plug out. HELP
  2. digdug72

    digdug72 Member

    yeah it might be just a tad too rich, try to lean it out just a bit, how is your idle?
  3. hogster8

    hogster8 New Member

    Hey digdug72 it idles just fine nice and smooth
  4. dj6666969

    dj6666969 Active Member

    it could be the low speed screw... they are usely at the end of the carb... On most engines it needs to be flush with the carb...
  5. redheat

    redheat Member

    Get a new plug, RED
  6. monsterrcbuilder04

    monsterrcbuilder04 Active Member

    get a new plug and its probably a bit rich but sometimes with the big engines you just have to leave the ignitor on there.
  7. hogster8

    hogster8 New Member

    Hey all thx i got it. Just leaned her out a tad and she screams now
  8. digdug72

    digdug72 Member

    ya see, little by little does the trick!!
  9. scott555

    scott555 Member

    i had the same problem with my new siro TX-18, it just needed to harm up. after the 4th tank i drove it really slow and it was enoff to harm it up. be carfull leaning it out on break in, it need to stay rich. i shure your fine thow
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