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  1. Boilermaker2003

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    I have a heartland engine that is part of a special set package. I have made custom cars of each of the Big Ten schools and the engine can't pull all 14 cars (10 Big Ten schools and the 4 Purdue cars that came with the set) is there a way to 'soup' up my engine so it has more power?? or am I able to switch out engines with a more powerful one? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    All those trophies and championship banners in the IU car are probably making it too heavy.

    Sorry, couldn't resist a little good natured jab at the expense of a Purdue fan. That's in spite of the fact my wife is a Purdue grad, and I've lived in West Lafayette a lot longer than I was in Bloomington.

    Chances are, you can switch out the locomotive for a more powerful one, but you might not need to. Do you have any steep grades on your layout? Who manufactured the set you have, and what scale are you running? Adding metal wheelsets to the cars can reduce their rolling resistence. The locomotive might be remotored, but there are probably better options.

  3. Boilermaker2003

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    I forgot to mention that I am a football fan, so I am sorry to say that the IU caboose (yes caboose) does not have too many banners to fly. :)

    The set was made by Hartland Locomotive Works, it is a G scale set and right now it is laying in the floor of a spare bedroom, so there are no steep grades. Some of the wheels are metal, but most are plastic. THe train is fine once it is going, but i have to touch the engine once it is powered up for it to start. In 'Purdue terms' the coefficient of static friction seems to be creating a greater amount of resistance than the motor has in thrust capabilites, however the kinetic friction is easily combatted. The transformer is a Tech II 1400.

    I want to hang the set over my bar, but want to have the engine worked out so i don't have to give it a shove start when i am down on the ground.

    Thanks for any further help.
  4. dwolson

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    Boilermaker, I could be wrong, but I think your power supply is way too small for a G-scale locomotive. From what I have been reading, you need at least a 2 amp (with 20 volts at 2 amps) power supply for G-scale locos. You need at least 40VA (Amps X Volts).Your problem may be your power supply, not the loco.
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    My experience has been that you really need at least a 3 amp power supply. Single motor locos should work with 2 amp, but a two motor loco needs at least 3 amp.
    My locos will pull better on DC than DCC. Had to go to a 6 amp to get the loco to pull well on DCC.
  6. N Gauger

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    How did I miss this one??!!??!!??

    No....The Tech II won't work..... Almost any G engine needs 20V @ 3A.. I had a Tech II and sold it to a friend for his trolly line in G. Works great for that :) On mine - I sprung & bought a 5A power supply... and I can run 3 engines at once and 2 of them smoke :) when I have everything turned on - they draw all 5 Amps :)

    Also - if you do build grades - take a hacksaw & lightly run the blade - across the tops of the rails on the grade - Perpendicular to the rails. it ads "grip" for the engine wheels - works great & you cant really see it either :)

    As far as the engine itself.... a LITTLE BIT of oil on the drive gears & such won't hurt - 1 drop on each!!!! - Never over oil!!!!!

    As far as the cars...... ONE drop of oil in Each journal - for plastic or metal wheels - this oil will last for about 60 - 70- hours of operation :D :D :D -- trust me - you'll hear them squeak - when they need more oil.. :) It's like car brakes :D

    Spending the money for metal wheels is your decision. :) but try the oil on the ends of the axels (journals) first :) it might solve the problem :) :)

    My layout is 12 years old now - (Link Below) :)
  7. Boilermaker2003

    Boilermaker2003 New Member

    Any specific transformer that you would recommend for my application?
  8. dwolson

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    Aristocraft makes a nice 10 AMP Power Supply (CRE55460) for around $72 and a controller (throttle) (CRE55401) runs about $41. I got these prices from www.wholesaletrains.com. They show both in stock with next day shipping.

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