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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by jasbourre, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. jasbourre

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    I just got a few engines from a friend who does not need them; they have been sitting in a box for almost 15 years. I tried one and it runs but it makes an afoul racket. What can I do to this engine, to try to make it run smoother?

    I guess this question can also help those that by engines from eBay as well.

    Thanks, Andy
  2. Why me

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    Hi most locos that have been out of action for years will need a good servicing clean the brushes and oil and greas the gears ect and a lot of TLC HELPS 2.mike
  3. Flash

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    Good advice from Why me. Took my stuff out for the first time in 35 years (50 year old equipment) and had similar issue, but if you take your time you'll have good results. The foul racket was from the bruahes on mine: commutator and brushes on the motor were filthy, but be aware that the brushes may need to be replaced if there are a ton of hours on them.

    Sparingly, less is better....use a fine oil (sewing machine or model train) on the wheel and motor bearings, pickups, truck pivots, and moving drive pieces; a needle type dispenser and/or toothpicks for accuracy. A light lithium grease on the gears. Work in by hand or most of the stuff winds up on the train and the track. Electrical contact spray with precision nozzle on the brushes. Then wipe off as much of the new and old residue as possible......q-tips and and air brush come in handy. Then work in slowly on track, and repeat the process. Took me over an hour per engine but they ran like new. Jack
  4. Fred_M

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    I wouldn't use fine oil. Most oils soften plastic. You need regular oil for the job called plastic safe oil unless your lokey is all metal. Fred

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