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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Joepomp, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Joepomp

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    I have 2 relitavly new Athern engines (SD70). They have DCC decoders in them. They use to run at the sane speed. That is is one was set for 35 and the other was set for 35 they would run around the tack and keep a constant distance. Now one of them seems to run 1/2 the seed of the other? I cleand the wheels and the track. I removed the bodies. Could this be a DCC decoder problem?:cry:
  2. cidchase

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    Hi Joe,
    Is it possible to try
    swapping the decoders??
  3. CN1

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    *Is the breakin period over? Run them both non-stop for a long time (hours) at various speed setting and direction.

    *Grease? Oil? too much or not enough

    *Gears? broke off?

    *Wheel axle split?
  4. Joepomp

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    Way to much info! I see you been through this before:D
    I took the DCC off the track and ran them on DC they were ok.
    I think Ill swoop the decoders. This is my first DCC layout. I have heard that a short can damage the decoder is this a common occurance?:eek:
    Thanks for your suggestions! LAter:cool:
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    When I was working on a DCC layout, we had decoders that would suddenly seem to lose all their programming. After reprogramming them a few times, we put in new decoders (different brand) and moved the others to a different make of loco. Seemed to work.
    We blew a decoder when a wire wrapped around one of the motor shafts. Not sure if was a short or an overload.
  6. brakie

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    I use DCC..I have Sound Traxx plug/play DCC/Sound decoders and at times lost their programing..I noticed this when I had my old layout and I never could figure out why.
  7. Joepomp

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    Possiable cause

    Come to think of it, this cold weather compeled me to turn on the heat. I also have been wareing a sweater. I recived a static shock
    I tried to re-Rail one of these engines I think that might have screwed the pooch.:eek:
  8. Raildog

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    Pooch? I thought they were Athern?

  9. Tom Champion

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    Static electricity can destroy a circuit board (decoder).

    It's a lot of voltage, concentrated in a small place, and in a very short time period.

    Sometimes the 'hit' looks like a small volcano if you have an Electron microscope.

    Rebellious child is electricity.

    Tom Champion
  10. davidstrains

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    Well said Tom

    Welcome to the Gauge:) :)

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