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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by sax1965, Jul 21, 2004.

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  1. sax1965

    sax1965 New Member

    Hi, can any one tell me what might be stoping my Nitrostar 15fe from idleing properly, it will run but seems to get very hot and will sall as soon as the reves start to drop to a resonable level. i've tried retuning, made sure the fule tank is sealing, and checked the head and exahust seal. I have noticed some fule leaking around the bearing behind the fly wheel when i'm priming the engine. oh and I tried new plugs. any help would be great.
  2. redheat

    redheat Member

    sounds like a bad bearing ,check the crank for play and while you have the clutch bell off check your clutch bearings.
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