Engine terminal (3' X 5')

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by RonP, Mar 28, 2008.

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    Engine terminal (3' X 9')

    Ok I want to build an engine terminal. I have some plans however I have seen how this goes on here before and thought it would be interesting to see what others came up with.

    The module is 3' X 9'
    Will have a 90' tunrtable and an enginehouse and/or round house

    Diesel age modern however I want to throw in a historical society steamer in there so my coal tower will work in it.

    All my switches will be powered by servo (Its burning a hole in my bench :mrgreen:) and if the switches could be limited to around 4 or 6 that would be great.

    Thank you for anyone that takes the time to help.
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    Many coaling towers are still standing, unused, or used just for sand. So, you can justify putting the coaling tower on any era layout. Most historic steamers are loaded by front-end loader because for the small volume of coal they use, it is cheaper and easier than maintaining a coaling tower.

    For planning your layout, try locating the TT first, since it will take up the most space. I would put it towards a corner. Also decide if you want a roundhouse or some other kind of locomotive shed. roundhouses take up more space. Coaling towers are often loacted along a turntable lead, and have an adjacent track for incoming coal hoppers. If the coaling tower is still standing, likely all the accessory tracks would still be there and used just for junk/MOW storage.

    If I were building this for any era post ~1975, I would make a foundation for where a roundhouse once stood, then make a modern 2-track metal engine shed (like one from a pikestuff kit). This would simulate a railroad that tore down an old roundhouse and built a new engine shed to better suit the needs of the diesels.

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    Thats an idea right there. I am seeing a roundhouse that is in varous stages of being torn down with the last 2 stalls being restored.
    Thank you very much.
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  5. RonP

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    hmm it doesn't say the footprint of the 90'er
  6. RonP

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    Anybody willing to drum up a track plan ?

    How far should tracks be a part measurement in centers.
  7. RonP

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    I need a little assistance with wiring. If i am going to install the module like this how and where should i gap the tracks.


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    Thanks for posting that link as I wondered what it looked like once finished; this is the link to Walthers' PDF describing assembling the facility: http://www.walthers.com/instructions/extras/0933/09330000002613b.pdf

    I'm getting everything prepped to build my N-scale steam locomotive service facility somewhat along the line of what Walthers has shown. One difference is I won't be using their coaling tower or sanding tower; instead, I'll be using a model of the 650-ton coaling bunker UP had at its facility in Cheyenne, WY, which also incorporated a cinder conveyor and ash pit along with sanding facilities. The other major difference is I'm using five roundhouse add-on stall kits giving me a total of 18 stalls in my roundhouse. I thought about including a car shop along with the backshop, but have decided it's best to incorporate it with the freight yard; I'll also be taking a stub from the freight yard to a siding for my ice house and icing platforms.
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    No problem. :) I really like the cornerstone turntable and roundhouse, I wish I had room for them :cry:

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