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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by Chris_, May 27, 2004.

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  1. Chris_

    Chris_ New Member

    I currently have a fairly old kyosho road car... I once knew the engine model but havnt used it for around a year now, and have forgotten pretty much everything for it :D

    Anyway.... The engine is on its way out, so im looking to get a new one but wondering what will fit.

    From looking at this: http://www.dubairchobbies.org/quick_rc_car_engine_reviews.htm

    It appears I have the GT12S-CR (although that doesnt click anywhere... dont remember that! - i thought it was a gx12 - although i know they changed the design of them at least a year or 2 ago.... so im thinking it may be the gx12 old design.)

    Will the gx15 fit on there ok, or will I need to stay with the gx12 or GT12S-CR if i want something done easily?

    I originally thought the engine was a .10, but I think I confused myself with the fuel after checking (gx-10) - so ill guess a .12... ive posted an attachment of the current engine if that helps also.


    Thanks :)
  2. redheat

    redheat Member

    Can you send a picture of the whole car from the top and side
  3. Chris_

    Chris_ New Member

    Here they are ;)



  4. redheat

    redheat Member

    Thats a heck of an angle, trying to determine what 'll fit looks like rear exhaust small block, cv, cvr maybe. The gt 12s .My concern is the motor mounts. 10,12,15,18all small blocks. Does the electrical all work?
  5. Chris_

    Chris_ New Member

    All the electrics are fine, the engine just doesnt like revving up quickly (you have to (very) slowly put the throttle up or it'll just stall)

    The mount is a standard kyosho part as far as I know... plate goes from just behind the tank, up at the angle and across the side of the engine, then you have the engine mount on that:


    Theres plenty of space around the engine, under and around the exhaust, and infront of the engine (only the tank in the way), the height of the engine doesnt matter.

    What im wondering is, will the current thottle servos be ok as they are, and will the engine match everything it uses at the moment here:

  6. redheat

    redheat Member

    Chris, This what i'd do if I were you . I would decide if this project is worth the time and money before I spend a dime. I think that parts and upgrades could become a major issue . motor alone would most likely cost more than what the thing is worth. I'm only saying this because I was in your shoes considering a makeover on a very old Tamiya took it to the shop and could not match anything up, was able to salvage a servo and screws and what have ya but that was about it. Let me no what you decide, good luck
  7. niner

    niner Member

    the 15 and 12 is the same size block, the problem is i dont know if u can use the same motor mount. It may have changed over the years u know?
  8. redheat

    redheat Member

    Chris, what did you decide to do about your project put it on the shelve and start new or what?
  9. shughes43

    shughes43 Member

    hello Chris thats a Kyosho SandMaster Mk II Buggy. I have the truck the SandMaster ST-2 and thats the GT12S-CR Engine. you can use the OS MAX.15cv on it and theirs a few others engines you can you I think.
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