Engine Running Sluggish Need Help!!

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by mxmx995, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. mxmx995

    mxmx995 New Member

    My .15 engine is running very sluggish as i Accelerate u can hear the engine die down then pick back up after holding the throttle open for a long period then it got better as the engine got speed, i thought it was beacuse the engine was cold ,But it still has granny accelration when its warmed 2.Is it getting too much fuel or not enough...............thanks[?]
  2. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    Run the engine and warm it up. Try the water drop test, one drop should boil away in a few sec. On top of the heat sink. If it takes too long then lean it out, 1/4 turn clock wise. If it boils off imeditatly, richen it up 1/4 turn, counterclock wise. Then run it again and retest, then tune by 1/8 turns till it runs strong. Keep retesting temp.
  3. mxmx995

    mxmx995 New Member

    thansk I'll try it out!!!!
  4. dudex

    dudex Member

    it sounds like its running rich, although theres a possibility its too lean. If the heatsink head is cold or doesnt burn you when you touch it then its too rich and you should lean your low end out until you accelerate well from a standstill.
  5. tec

    tec New Member

    If the engine stalls after removing starter,will not accelerate w/o dying turn in to lean.Also could be a bad glow plug, take out and plug in it, should be a consistant bright orange glow! Also a prob. i ran into, check to see if the flywheel and clutch ass. in tight. if you are running a fuel filter,replace!
    Also trick for low speed!!!warm up, pinch the fuel line till it dies.if it quits w/o speeding up the l.s is to lean, turn out!
    If it sounds like its going to blow, to rich, turn in. it should just rev about 1\4 throttle. This adjustment will have to be made every time depending on temp/humidity
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