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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by oop, May 29, 2003.

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  1. oop

    oop New Member

    got advice for replacement of my .15FE - it is starting to get boring in my HPI nitro 2. Want a new motor. Need specific engine replacement ideas, and why you are recommending. Budget is about $150. Was recommended o.s. CVR and HPI's 12ss engine as well. are they better than my current motor? I currently get to between 36 and 40 mph on the back-straightaway at my track, with a two speed and exhaust system. REALISTICALLY SPEAKING - how much faster will one of these engines allow me to go on this straight-away??
  2. rockn82

    rockn82 Marx Brother

    If you are on a budget go for an OS. They are great motors and last quite a while (even being beaten). I purchased and OS .15 and brought a duratraxx stage II heat sink for it and converted it to a non pullstart. It is now ported and non-pullstart and the carb has been bored .020" oversize. But if you want an honest opinion. Don't buy a new engine. Keep the .15fe and do a little work. Buy a two needle carb for it ($40 or %50 bucks) a new piston and sleeve ($30 bucks) and port it and polish it (you can follow the instructions I posted here in the engine forum). Oh yeah and buy the upgrade heatsink for the .15fe thats like $40 bucks too. Any way just with the carb and the heat sink you will see a huge improvement for half the cost of a new engine. There really is noting wrong with the .15fe, HPI just wants you to upgrade. LOL. Anyway the decision is up to you. Same engine upgraded or go for an OS engine.
  3. shawbelaire

    shawbelaire New Member

  4. ac112785

    ac112785 Guest

    I would recommend HPI new xs 12 engine for $135 at towerhobbies.com
    I think I am going to buy it or the fantom .12 roar version for my nitro rs4 2.
  5. slickdawgz

    slickdawgz New Member

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