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Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by road96, Aug 19, 2003.

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  1. road96

    road96 New Member

    i want to replace my engine gx21r engine, i use this car just 4 fun there will never be competition with this car i use i just 4 the greitest fun, just love to take it apart each time i have been driving.
    back to my prob. i shall replace the engine but iam not shure what to put in. RB OS NAVAROSSI or what......
    can any1 be of assistance ?? :):)

  2. BOWTIE1

    BOWTIE1 Member

    i would put a RB ws7 ll in it
  3. Reality

    Reality New Member

    if you are just bashing and want lots of torque and power just get a picco .26 outlaw they make savages go 50 and twist the drive shafts on a maxx. i saw one on a inferno and it just ripped. they are very reliabl;e and the most fun ever. the money you spned on a rb or os or novarossie you can just buy a .26 and buy a awsome pipe and header to go with it for the price you wopuld pay for a rb or os or novarossie.
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