Energia-2 test building

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Leo Cherkashyn, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Test building of Energia-2 is begun! This is flyback central block (stage 2).
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    Thank you Leo. :) I can't believe how quickly you design and build your models. I am terribly slow. I may get to build this one sometime in the next year(s). :)
  3. I finished assembling of Stage A busters.

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  4. Nothing

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    thanks for the update... it looks absolutely awsome!!
  5. I finished building of Energia-2.
    On photos:

    1 - Start position.
    2 - Fly of second stage/ unloading of payload.
    3 - Flyback.
    4 - View from bottom.


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  6. Nothing

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    man thats fabulous!!!!!
  7. cgutzmer

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    Super! That looks really great :D thanks for sharing the pictures with us!
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    Cool model!
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    That´s a super model, looks really great. Thanks for your wonderful designs. :thumb::thumb::thumb:


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