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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Ing. Spendlik, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Ing. Spendlik

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    Dear all,
    I would like to introduce my current project - the hand of Terminator T800 (Endoskeleton hand). As you know, you can buy resin model kit (Frontier models), but this kit has two problems. First one - it is little bit expensive. The second one - it is not a PAPER!!!

    I started this project a two / three months ago. Guy, called himself Tata, persuaded me to make this model. He is admin of sci-fi section of czech paper models forum. After these three months I have realized he is also a great modeler and person too. He is the only person who works on BETA model.

    I have downloaded a lot of free 3D models of Terminators. But Endoskeleton hands in all of these models were not like in the film (T2:JD). So I have deleted all of the 3D models and started looking for something else. I found a lot of pictures of this resin kit (and builds of it) so I decided to make a model according to pictures.

    3D model was created, designed and unfolded in Rhinoceros. I am still working on the small pistons, which are connected to the fingers (pistons on the pictures below are still WIP- I have to move and rotate them and somehow connect them to the "base") but the rest of the model is nearly completed.


    Photos of the build of this paper model:


    If possible, I will upload model somewhere on the internet. But, please, be patient. There is lot of work which has to be done (I am little bit scared about instructions), and currently there are also other "active" project I am working on.

    If you have any ideas, questions or just want to say "hello", please feel free to leave a comment...
  2. loudog49

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    Wow! Your skill and detail is quite astounding. This is exactly how I imagined a paper terminator hand should look. I like how you didn't rely so much on textures but actually created all the ridges and lines using paper. Very crisp and flawless build. :thumb:

    I would love to see more build pics showing how you achieved such solid build quality. It would be a great tutorial.

    I think if you could build the entire exoskeleton, it would look extremely close to the original, but made out of paper! :mrgreen:

    I personally don't mind if you decide not to make instructions or if the instructions are very complex. Don't compromise on detail. Just seeing you build it is quite a pleasure to watch. I don't think I could build it as well as you could anyway.

  3. tata

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    hello all other photos of the construction ... fingers :wave:
  4. Red

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    :eek:Great job.:eek:
    Sooooo Ing. Spendlik are you going to post your pattern so others can build it ?
    and if I understud the rules some one has to ask for the link befor you can post to it. so please can we have a copy (link to ) your t-800 hand?
    but you can pm me with it to.:mrgreen: that is if you would like to share it:mrgreen:
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  9. bezelbub

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    i love this! please give us a pattern.

    especialy as my newsagent has chrome paper :D
  10. tata

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  11. bill516

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    A truely outstanding piece of work.

    Only one small issue and that is with the site you are using to hold your pics, there are young people who use this site, we shoudln't be exposing the young to this sort of thing. Let them go find it for themselves :rolleyes:

  12. Ing. Spendlik

    Ing. Spendlik Member

    Thank you all for the reactions, It is very kind from you.

    So as I wrote in the first post, this model will be free for download. But please be patient, this model is still "under construction". The biggest problem right now is the construction of the small pistons for fingers. I have to move and rotate them a little bit. The fingers in the final model should be fully moveable (with fully functional small pistons).

    To bill516: I was using this site for holding pictures for two-three years maybe and never had problems with them. The problem with "that kind of advertisement" is matter of few months ago (maybe I was only so lucky that I have never seen this type of ads in the past on that site). So I am really sorry and I can promise that the next picture will be held somewhere else.

  13. dredd

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    Hi ,this is a very well made design,so much more than i could do,have you made the whole lower arm as in T2 ?if so i would love to build it full size for display,i even have some clear plastic tube to put it in.
    Keep up the good work,anything to do with Terminator will always be wanted:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  14. edge

    edge New Member

    Great work.
  15. edge

    edge New Member

    I would love to have this pattern, could you let me know when and where I can download it, I look foward to building it....thanks
  16. Ing. Spendlik

    Ing. Spendlik Member

    We are finishing with the beta model. More pictures and some news will be posted soon...
  17. MTK

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    I'm looking forward to your updates. Thanks for sharing.:thumb:
  18. NYC Irish

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    You are my hero...well done, Lovely work

    John John
  19. bigfan321

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    hmm a terminator hand one can have on display in their respective environment... you officially have my attenetion
  20. ShadowKnight

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    Very interesting! I love the Terminator. Looks like it could hold the fullsize pulse rifle.


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