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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by DeWayne, Sep 15, 2004.

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    I will be closing the shop as of this end of year. I am the victim of a
    pirate and cannot afford to support them and all the people that frequent
    those sites. I have had a model that I commissioned from Marek placed on a Pirate site. I know who the thief is and will turn the information over to the authorities unless he gets the models he has uploaded removed and
    compensate us for our losses. Friday, 0800 hours my time.

    Through sales, I have not recovered even half my expense on the
    development of this model and am deeply hurt by this action. I don't want to close but I have to. My VA Disability Compensation will not cover the cost of the actions of a thief.

    Please do not respond to this on list. This is for information and not
    for discussion.

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    Up date

    I had an interesting meeting with some people about the rampant theft in card modeling. I had several pages of sites freely dispersing copyrighted materials along with several pages of legitimate distributors of the same models.

    Also included in my data were the known 'secret' pirate sites where you could join and get the models through P2P membership, FTP transfer and subscription oriented "clubs".

    The individuals I met with were well aware of the P2P exchanges through investigations of music theft and had seen transfers of card models.

    Now, a new branch of P2P misuse has been added now that they have been made aware of the potential amount of damages incurred by all parties. I have been assured there will be a more concerted effort in discovering who the people are running these and their members/contributors.

    I was advised any chance of receiving compensation was very unlikely but fines, penalties and felony convictions would almost certainly insure the perpetrators would not repeat.

    All this may be shooting holes in doughnuts but at least someone in an official capacity sat down and discussed the problem. I have hope.

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