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  1. A # 1

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    Starting a layout base on the movie Emperor of the North. But I need your input. Having trouble with my recearch, Need 2 know a lot more details than I have. HOPE U CAN HELP Anything pre 1933. Shacks train was a 2 8 2 steam I think GreatNorthWestern ?
    Im trying 2 keep my layout close to the story line as I can . Starting with Shack highballing out of the yard wright down to the fight at the end.I'll try to keep u all posted. Going to the Train Show this weekend in Gainesvill Ga. Hope to pick up a lot of info there.


    A # 1

  2. umtrr-author

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    It was the practice in some movies to letter the equipment with non-existant railroads. I think "Great North Western" is an example here.

    Interestingly, Woodland Scenics has "hobos" and "bums" in their Scenic Accents line, as well as "policemen" of course!
  3. Nomad

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    I can not offer any help, but I must say that is an interesting layout theme.:thumb: I am looking forward to watching the progress.

  4. Torpedo

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    Good post. You just reminded me to add that movie to my NetFlix queue, which I keep forgetting to do. Thanks. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    BTW, the movie title was originally "Emporer of the North Pole," but it was rereleased as just "Emporer of the North."
  5. brakie

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    Actually the movie used Oregon, Pacific and Eastern Railway and its 2-8-2 #19 and was filmed on the OP&E around Cottage Grove Ore.

    The OP&E was abandon in the 90s.
    The #19.
  6. Triplex

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    That looks like a very small 2-8-2. I don't think there's a close model available.
  7. A # 1

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    Oregon Pacific and Eastern (OP&E)
    Thats more than I had, cool thanks . I though that was a 2 8 2. Those pictures of the 19 r great thanks again. Ill b starting my layout this week after the train show. keep u posted al

  8. A # 1

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    Big plans little room, My layout dim. r 76" x 44" an I got alot happen in there. Still trying to draw my track n, 2 fit all. Getting close so I'll show you when I something 2 show.


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