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    announce1 Well I think I'm ready. My layout is going to b 77 x 44 this is all the space i have.
    I planed to have my elevations on the right half, Q. can i just divide my layout in half and raise it on a 2% grade, r do i elevate my track??

    :thumb: thanks

    A # 1
  2. A # 1

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    Enjoy the monent, cause soon u got to go home.
  3. Ralph

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    Hi A-1,

    If I'm undestanding your question it sounds like you are asking whether to use elevation blocks of some sort or to use the classic "cookie cutter" technique in which you cut the route for your grade witha jig saw and then support it underneath to create the elevation. Am I in the ball park there?
  4. A # 1

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    I not sure that I like the cookie cutter idea, so I though that if I just raised up 1/2 of my base at a 2% grade I have it. What do u think? A # 1

  5. davidstrains

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    If i understand your question you are looking to so something like this

    _______________---------------------------- . Remember that the rise in grade happens over a length of track. A 2% grade equates to 2" over a 100" length of track (1" over 50" etc. The more gradual the rise the easier it is on your equipment. A gradual rise will let you pull more rolling stock than a shorter one also.
  6. A # 1

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    1/2 of my layout will b somewhat level,then I'll star my grade at 0 and then a 2% grade on the other half.

    A # 1

  7. Triplex

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    I'd really like to see at least a rough idea of your track plan, so I can know where these grades are going to be.

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