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  1. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Hi All,

    I thought I would throw one of my wishes out to the group.


    Squad 51

    The Paramedic truck.

    Don't know what I am talking about?


    I am suggesting this one, because of other cars which we all have fond memories of, Ecto-1, the Mach 5, the Bat-mobile.

    Any scale is fine.

  2. allhallowseve

    allhallowseve Member

    HA HA Wow does that bring back memory's i used to have the toy truck from that show it had a cb radio in the back of you could hear differt fire call go out i think there was a police or swat team one too
  3. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    We still "play on the radio "at night when the paramedics call our hospital; Calling Rampart!
  4. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    I have the incoming call siren/claxon soundfile on my cell phone for incoming calls.
    People love it when they hear it

  5. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    My favorite is when they all got the chance to sit down to a good meal and then... WONK! *time to go*

    Actually an awesome vehicle idea would be the Venus Probe from The Six Million Dollar Man.

    Or the Green Hornet's Car.

    Or The Pink Panther Mobile.

    Or the armored vehicle from Damnation Alley.
  6. Dnlgtr

    Dnlgtr Member

    I would like to see this one too. Being mostly squared off it should be fairly easy.
    I did a 1/32 scale box in plastic. I have several 1/32 Fire rig blueprints I've drawn that should easily lead to paper models. How about an ALF Pioneer Aerochief??
    I can supply the drawings.
  7. Stormy

    Stormy New Member

    Squad 51

    Absolutely smashing, That is exactly what I am looking for. But not without a cardmodel of Julie London. What is the point, racing to Rampart and not perving at Dixie McColl. At least I think that was her Name. Oh, well, it's all memories

  8. Al hazlet

    Al hazlet Member

    When I lived in Ventura and then Santa Barbara in the 80s/90s I used to go visit the Landmaster (the big armored thing from Damnation Alley). It was parked outside the fence at Dean Jeffries' studio in Hollywood. They had other movie cars inside, but it was too big.

    Here's a site with more on the Landmaster -- I'd love to do it, but my modeling fu is weak. :(
  9. builder

    builder New Member

    I would like to find a model of station 51 in 1/87 scale for my HO train layout
  10. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    10-4............... Rampart out!:wink:

    Oh............. and a copy of the Head Nurse.......... boy she was hot when I was young.
  11. murphyaa

    murphyaa Designer

    Squad 51 model

    I just got the first 3 seasons on DVD and got inspired.


    It's going to be 9 inches long. I'm debating putting in the cabinets on the sides and doing all the boxes they used.
  12. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Need a beta builder?



    Can I?
  13. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    That does look awfully nice, even in prototype white!
    Beautiful workmanship there Murphy! Very cool!
    That truck sure brings back a lot of memories.

    :wave: I'll volunteer for beta also, if you still need one when I get done with my present obligations. I'll try to knock them out fairly quickly if need be! :twisted:

    I just thought, "Now were going to need a firehouse! ":cool: hmmmm...

  14. murphyaa

    murphyaa Designer

    I'm hinking of doing the old Engine 51 too. It'll give me a reason to visit the local fire museum.
  15. murphyaa

    murphyaa Designer

    Okay, here she is, in all her glory. Just some finishing touches to add, then label the parts and draw up instructions.

    Side view
    Rampart View

    I'm trying to decide if I want to try and find somebody to host it for me, or if I should do direct e-mail.

    Once I get it finished up, instructions drawn, and zipped together, I'll let everybody know the file size.

    Everything should be ready be Monday.
  16. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    NICE! Depending on the file size why dont you use the parts bin? :D
  17. sr5nm

    sr5nm Member

    Aaron, did you get over to 'The Hall of Flame"? I haven't been in several years, but the boys always love going.

    Keep up the great work.
  18. murphyaa

    murphyaa Designer

    I've been there, but it's been a while. I plan on getting over soon so I can get reference material for Engine 51.
  19. grifco2000

    grifco2000 Member


    Hi, just found this thread and was wondering wether this model had been released???

    Cheers, Grif
  20. Bradley

    Bradley New Member

    I'm ready for it.

    I can hardly wait for the model. It would be neat if someone could do a model of Adam 12 police car. It would be neat if there were modles of different vehicles off of other old shows.

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