Emergency crews respond to truck-train collision east of Regina

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    Yahoo news story


    BALGONIE, Sask. (CP) - A collision between a train and a semi-trailer threw as many as 20 rail cars off the tracks Tuesday.

    There were no early reports of injuries.

    The accident happened shortly before 11 a.m. on a level stretch of Highway 46 just north of Highway 1, about 25 kilometres east of Regina.

    The intersection is a marked crossing with lights, said RCMP Cpl. Brian Jones.

    Driving conditions after a heavy overnight snowfall were poor at the time.

    "Road conditions were wet and sloppy and it's foggy," Jones said.

    The Canadian Pacific train was westbound with 93 cars in total, said company spokesman Ed Greenberg.

    "The impact has resulted in up to 20 of those cars slipping off the track," he said.

    Jones said neither vehicle was transporting hazardous goods.

    also see stories on cbc.ca, ctv.ca
  2. Matthyro

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    It has been a year or two since I have been in that area. The roads are just so straight and flat that you would think the driver would have seen something. Hope he recovers OK
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    Is it time for locomotives to have much sharper fronts on them?
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    Glad to hear that no one was hurt.

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