EMD GM sw 10?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rogerw, May 14, 2007.

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    I was watching a live cam this morning of the Brooklyn rail yard in Portland Oregon. There where two locos hooked together pulling around 10 cars. They looked like sw10's and I went to UP web site and they still have them on the roster. I want to get 1 or two but have been searching the web and cant find them. Anybody know who makes them in HO. Thanks for looking
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    If I recall correctly, the SW10 was not an EMD/GMD-built loco, but rather a railroad-built rebuild, possibly of an SW-9. I'm not sure if U.P. was the only one who ran these locos, but you could check in on Dean's Union Pacific Modelers... thread, as I'm sure that he'll have some more info on them. I sorta doubt that there's a commercially available model of them, but it should be an easy and interesting kitbash to build one.

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    Here's a chance to do a fairly simple kitbash! If you can find an Athearn SW-7 or Proto SW-9/1200 fairly cheap, the conversion to an SW10 isn't that difficult.

    If you can get your hands on the April 1984 Railroad Model Craftsman, there's an article on just how to do it. There's also an article in the April 2001 RMC on doing it in N-scale.

    I wonder if it's any coincidence that both these articles appear in the April issue... April fool's locomotive, maybe? ;)

    If you're not feeling creative, your only other choice apppears to be brass ($$$!).
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    thanks for all the advice, links guys. Since I never kitbashed befor I may look into that option
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    Found some good info, Roger.

    Here, it shows all Union Pacific SW10's leased to CP, were rebuilt from SW9's except UP-1231 which was an SW7. So that should make things a bit easier if you choose to kitbash. Which, of course, I highly recommend. My signature says it all.

    Edit: Might help if I actually post the link:
    CP 1200 ... 1299 - Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive Roster and Photo Archives
    Bottom of the page, below the "SW10" list. I like the quotation marks - makes it look like they're making fun of the loco.
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    thanks for link bones. Hey you live in LA. ?:-D
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    Sorry Bones just reminds me when I was in the military we had a guy in our unit wittman or some thing like that said he came from LA. (he had a very heavy southern draw). We all said NO WAY he said yep lower alabama.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
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    It's actually the Pensacola area, but I like to mix up my 'home town' once in a while.
    I'm originally from Utah, so you won't hear much from me besides a mild military accent.:-D

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