Embarrassed to ask but - What happened?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by rsn48, Nov 2, 2007.

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    I feel like the only straight at a gay party, but what happened to the gauge forum?:violin1: Here's my story of tragedy and woe; okay I exaggerate a bit. I've have been away from the hobby for quite some time now, a combination of surgery, hobby burnout and the fact I can't get close to the layout, its room has become a storage room (no garage or basement) and until I sift through the junk and throw most of it out, no progress on the layout.

    I haven't been at any forums for some time now (can you hear the guilt in my voice), so when I went to the Atlas forum, same old, same old. I come here and it sure has changed. I'm assuming it changed ownership; is that true?

    You won't see me for a while longer, I'm scheduled for surgery on Dec 17th to help get rid of multiple headaches I have had every day for years now - this surgery will be the best Xmas present ever. And as some of you know, I had one hip replaced and I will need the other hip replaced in the next year or so. The first hip was and is very slow to heal, surgery in May of 2006, and I still have slight pain in it. Tip to any guys needing both hips done, don't let the doctor talk you into getting both done at the same time - there's a good chance you'll regret it.:wave:
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    Rick: sorry to hear you're down. One of our club members, a G.P no less, has his hips done, then had to get them re-done. Seems the first unit had this headless screw in it, and the screw disappeared somewhere...
    The gauge had a change of ownership and was merged into the Zealot group of hobby forums. (lots of talk in the General forum about the beginning of this year.) You may want to check those and the technical forum to see what changed. And you may also want to modify your profile to remove some of the other hobbies' forums from your screen.
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    Thanks for the info David - not sure what this means: "to remove some of the other hobbies' forums from your screen." I My profile is pretty basic, not sure what I would change.
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    What he's referring to, is the "search" terms thingy. When you click new posts here, you'll get the card models, RC cars, ect, unless you change that in you profile.
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    Welcome back. We are still the Gauge, we still have a lot of members and staff that we had a few years ago, we just have a different look and a few neighbors. The others are correct, Peter took over the ownership of the Gauge a few years ago. Our server was restrictive and we were having access problems almost on a daily basis, as were some other forums that Peter owned. It was deemed best to join a few of these forums on one server and so we have a few neighbors that have somewhat similar intersts in modeling, Card Modelers and R/C.

    Now if you are not interested in these, you can modify what you see when you click on "new posts", "squick links/today's posts", or "search". Go to your User CP, click on "options" on the left and go to the bottom, "other options". You can then select the forums there that you do not want to appear in these menus. Remember to click on "save". You can still see what's going on there by going to the mail menu, or click on "forums" at the top of the screen.

    Good luck on your pending operation, sounds like your looking forward to it. Keep up posted on your progress.
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    Is there still a contingent of Gauge chat groupies, getting together in the evening, like Spitfire... and where is the location if they are?
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