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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Franco, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Franco

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    I am trying to do an elevated structure such as those found in NYC.
    I know there is an option to make it, such as shown on this site:


    but does anyone know of a vendor that sells pre-made structures?

    Maybe someday I will have time to make some, but right now I just don't and I doubt my 4 your old partner is going to want to spend all that time on it.:smile:

  2. CNJ999

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    In a word - No. These sorts of structures are generally unique to specific locations/railways. Extremely few kits to fabricate such structures are available commercial and virtually all examples I've seen over the years were scratchbuilt. In fact, the only commercially available kit that I'm currently aware of is by Micro Engineering. As I recall, it represents some mid-western elevated system. A portion of the ME structure is visible left of center in the photo below.


  3. Mountain Man

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    Odd...I can only think that there aren't enough modelers of elevated structures to make it commercially attractive.

    Can girder bridge structures be easily modified to serve the purpose, or is it entirely a scratch operation?
  4. CNJ999

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    I expect the lack of such kits, or RTR models, largely arises from the fact that the elevated structures vary so widely in appearance from one to another. Most folks that are into elevated lines are scratchbuilders to begin with as, until recently when some NYC subway car sets began appearing, very little in the way of cars or MOW equipment for such lines was available. Then too, not all that many cities ever had elevateds to begin with, so interest would be limited. The far more common street car was very popular to model in the 40's and 50's but interest in them has been dwindling for years now as well.

    The use of common bridge structures for elevated railways would be a matter of taste and the level of accuracy (or inaccuracy!) the modeler is willing to accept. Box girder bridges are similar to construction found on some elevateds but the support structure itself would still have to be built from scratch, or the parts offered by Micro Engineering.

  5. Mountain Man

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    Good answer. Thanks.
  6. ed acosta

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    Vancouver Skytrain

    I feel very fortunate to live near Vancouver, British Columbia where elevated trains continue to pave the way towards the future. Most residents prefer the elevated rail over surface street light rail. I use the Skytrain often since it is quick, efficient, and frequent. I can get in and out of the city without the traffic congestion and parking problems. You never have to wait more that ten minutes for the next train.

    Intoduced in time for the EXPO '86 World's Fair, the system has continued to grow. Here is a photo of the latest line connecting to the Vancouver International Airport which is due to open soon.

    I can't wait for Athearn of Bachmann to produce the models. I don't know who might produce the elevated; but they could easily be built as snap-together pieces.


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