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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by cn nutbar, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Nice. My DCC friend had a 0-8-0 switcher that he put a chip in and wired to the headlight bulb. A couple of nights later I asked "Am I supposed to be able to see the light through the top of the smokebox?" There was a thin deformed spot up there, and I thought he should put an Elesco heater up there to conceal it.
    Where do you get plans for the piping and where do you get the casting?
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    Since I'm the one responsible for the addition of the Elesco fwh to the 3529, perhaps I should answer. The actual heater, along with the cold water pump, which is mounted on the fireman's side of the loco, just behind the air pump, are from a set by Cal-Scale. A general piping diagram is included with the set, along with recommendations for the various pipe sizes. Note that the pipe sizes given are for inside diameters, and that in addition to the pipe wall thickness, some pipes are also covered by lagging, or insulation, so the actual diameter is considerably larger than the sizes noted. The large diameter cold water pipe, with the clean-out, is a Cal-Scale item, as is the large lagged pipe going to the top mounted injector. Other firms also offer the pump, heater and accessories seperately: I have a larger version of the heater part, made by Cary, that I'll be using to detail a CNR T-3-a 2-10-2 for Mister Nutbar, although that project is just getting underway.
    By the way, nice photos Mister Nutbar.

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    Awesome job! Those locos look great!
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    Nice photos and nice locos guys...!

    I do like the exposed plumbing and so on - reminds me that these are real "mechanical" machines - no computers or fancy electronics make them work - it is all about temperature and steam pressure (well, for the most part).

    But I gotta say that I do like the streamlined locos too - locos that were sheathed by Dreyfuss and Lowey were rolling works of art!

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    Thanks, Wayne.

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