Electricity Bills?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by SeriousSam, Oct 31, 2006.

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    It shouldn't be that much of an increase. As for N scale? If you let your trains run 24/7 with all the layouts accessories on. It would be same as a leaving on a 60 bulb for 24/7.

    Now if you are Ham Radio Operator like me. You have some large ampifier. You DO see an increase because of the 1500 watt amps that I use. Plus poweer supplies for the radios.

    Model railroads consumes 110vac. Then reduces the power to low AC or DC power. My Amps uses 220VAC and boosted it up to 7500VAC! I would find some other electrical device that is causing your problem. Or it might just be the electric company raising your rates! :curse:

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    I don't think it's tour trains either.I don't know where the "land of enchantment is but here in the land of privatized power company with no competition the amount of the bill doesn'tseem to be conected to the power used. my bill always goes up this time of year I burn wood, have a clothsline. I get real upset at xmas when I pay for everybody elses lights
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    The Land of Enchantment is New Mexico's nickname.

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